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To Netflix: Must Try Something else now

After several months  of back and forth, this past weekend (long weekend)  we finally came to realization that the current Netflix offering is just not working for us anymore…    When the rate increase changed, earlier this year,  we switched to streaming only, but, simply put,  the current  streaming selection sucks!

Recent news events that have affected my decision include:  Sony catalog gone, they will eliminate Starz and they are enforcing the limit of one movie stream at a time.

I have used  Netflix services for years (member since 2003) , and we have enjoyed it tremendously, which makes my cancellation harder, but the selections have gotten worst, the price has increased, and there are similar services ( RedBox, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Xfinity online )  that available  now.

I have seen many posting about cancelling  Netflix service… One that was  described the reasons and experience well is West Williams’  posting  at

How can Netflix now revert the trend?   – I *really* hope they do…