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Bits and pieces week ending 2013-01-26

A couple of pieces of news that really made me go “hmmm” this week are:

  • Microsoft will stop the Windows 8 reduce price offer and will go from $40 dollars to $199 starting Feb 1. – I knew this was coming, but I was secretly wishing it would not. At the same time, why do they need increase it by 300%? I think in today’s environment this will end up, rightfully so, make enterprises and individuals think twice about the choices of Operating Systems..
  • Apple is no longer the world’s most valuable company. Even though Apple delivered record revenue and more profit than any company has ever reported in a single year that does not seem to be enough for the Market.. I understand that the Market is really looking at futures, and that Apple’s innovation is being question, but is it really in that bad of a shape?
  • Twitter $9 billion dollar valuation. I know Twitter is undeniable as a social need and public service. Without a doubt brilliant! in its simplicity and approach. However, where is the monetization roadmap and upside? Will “the people”continue to use it if it has too many ads or sponsored tweets?

That is it for this week…