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Google+ Hangout On Air – Genius!



On Monday of this  week Google announced  the general availability of Google+ Hangout On Air.

A great very personal “webcast” overview of the service by the Google team can be found  here  or you can listen to it below…


This recorded session gives an overview of the setup, a professional broadcaster gives tips and tricks, and answers many questions from the large audience ! –

The service is excellent… ( Yes you can have better video quality, but it is free!  )

I believe this feature has leapfrogged Microsoft, Skype, vSee and the so many others out there.      All part of the process to get everyone into the Google+ platform.

A couple of things of note mentioned include:

  • You can upload your session into YouTube
  • Your post is by default public.
  • You can mark your session as private – (2 hours limit, but can be longer if you want to mark it as public)
  • If you place a session in a Google+ Business Page, your video will be posted from your manager account.    (no other way, as YouTube does not recognize Google Pages accounts.)
  • It scales !