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Where are we heading?


Lately I have been drawn into trying to understand the current world financial crisis, where are we, and what are the potential outcomes from where we are..

I thin I can trace my interest back to a book I read a  while back called  “The World is Flat (2005)”  by Thomas Friedman, which opened my eyes to the new economies and the change we are undergoing…          20YearsCapture

The last piece I listen to is the USA Inc.

USA Inc. –
Where We Are, How We Got Here, What May Be Next

A refreshingly factual ( does not get into politics)  explanation of where USA economic climate is at…

Not a pretty picture.   Incredible big nut to crack, and hard to solve..      But is it possible?


This is where each of us have to make a decision as to where we stand on greed, morals and country…   But before you answer the question  for yourself, listen/watch to the following semi-related series by PBS’s Frontline:

I would love to hear what your conclusions are or what you think…


Update 1:    Documentary:  Overdose – The Next Financial Crisis (YouTube for free)


    Update 2:  The Newsroom: "America Isn’t The Best" Speech
    A  clip from HBO’ show “The Newsroom” in which Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) , delivers a FANTASTIC speech about the state of the US culture and country. (Great writing!)