BYOD and the Future of IT

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There can be no doubting the changes which are sweeping many workplaces in terms of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and what these changes mean for IT Departments. Whilst many employees in all kinds of fields have been happily bringing their own devices to work and accessing corporate systems, IT Departments have been playing catch-up with what this means for security. Some companies however, have remained blissfully unaware of the significance of BYOD and of how their data may be at risk due to the growth of mobile device usage in recent years.

If the safety of business data is taken seriously then there is no doubt that their management of BYOD should be up to date and that their IT Department should be fully aware of all employees who are using their own devices for work purposes both in the office and out. For larger companies this can mean IT Departments need to constantly update and review systems as well as monitoring changes and developments with respect to accessing corporate networks.

The ideal situation is a symbiotic relationship between end user and IT Department with both parties taking equal responsibility for updates to systems and changes which could affect security. The future of IT is secure provided systems and apps keep developing and improving…there will always be a need for staff to have help and advice regarding their devices and security and who better than a technical expert who fully understands all the connotations of BYOD?

As the consumerization of IT continues its steady march towards the future, the best IT experts are marching a few paces ahead as they gather information which will arm them in the coming years. Because things are changing and changing fast…smaller companies are not exempt from concerns regarding BYOD and those which are too small to warrant their own IT Department need to act swiftly and seek advice on how to effectively manage mobile devices – this would typically be as a cloud service so that no on-site servers are required for the purpose.

BYOD is changing the face of IT as well as the face of communication in places of employment. Users want the convenience of their own devices both in their place of work and when out and about; they don’t want to be restricted regarding the choices which might previously have been imposed on them by IT Departments.

IT professionals need to engage in a serious dialogue with HR Departments in order to establish clear communication with employees regarding the use of applications and programmes via mobile devices both from company premises and whilst mobile. Clear guidelines need to be put in place for those companies who have not yet begun to take control of mobile access in their workplace…the future of IT is no longer just in the hands of the professionals but equally in the hands of the user.

As IT Departments learn more about these trends and the MDM solutions available for managing them, BYOD will continue to grow and whilst it presents many challenges, it also offers many opportunities which should be embraced by all concerned.

Article by M L Symonds

The author has many years of experience in IT within blue-chip organizations and writes professionally on a wide range of topics including Software Development, Project Management and MDM solutions, including the growing trend of Bring-Your-Own-Device.

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