Cybersecurity Fundamentals

The last couple of years (2020 & 2021) were particularly hard years for many organizations as it relate to cybersecurity. So many attacks in so many forms ranging from internal ones focused on getting specific data / information to highly organized ones focused on disrupting operations all the way to state sponsored ones focus on creating disruption and Kaos across the field. We have seen a lot in every form and it is unsettling for sure.

Now more than ever, everyone needs to have a basic understanding of cybersecurity, and how we can help protect ourselves from theft and disruption.

I just created this video that explains the basics very well in less than 15 minutes. It will not make you a cybersecurity expert, but it really provides a baseline overview of the why, what and how cybersecurity best practices are so important to implement.

Content includes:

  • Good overview of the Types of Cyber Attacks
    • Malware, Phishing, Man-in-the-Middle, DDoS, Malvertising, Ransomware
  • Explanation of the definition of Cybersecurity
  • Explanation of Attacks and countermeasures
  • Three Pillars of your Cybersecurity defense: People, Process & Systems
  • Difference between EDR, XDR and MDR

Video Updated to Cybersecurity Fundamental video

Transcript available here

Hope this helps!

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