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Google Wave News

The IT industry is all about change.  Change to make thing better, most efficient, response faster, while still reducing cost…  At least in theory.   In the past couple of years, there has been a significant transformation occurring.   The move to Cloud Computing has been slowly transforming everything – and I mean *everything*.  from the way we look at hardware / software to the services needed to support them.       Back in March 2007 my blog “Virtualized Infrastructures”  I talked about some of these changes which are now real mainstream products: Amazon AWS, Windows Azure, GoogleApps/Gears.

Yesterday, during the Google I/O Conference keynote , Google demonstrated (literally) the vision they are heading towards, and they have called it – very appropriately – Google Wave.     It has been a  long time – Application Virtualizaton (SoftGrid back in 2004)  was the last time –  since I have been so excited about how can we use technology to truly help the way we interact and communicate.

By the buzz around the web – I am not the only one that is as excited about this…  Lots of tweets came through overnight and all day Friday.   To mention a few you can read more about this at:

I am sure we will be hearing about this for many weeks / months ahead –

A must see video of the presentation is at