How do I get Digital Art?

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Anyone can create a piece of Digital Art!

let me give you an example:

  1. Open Word ( or any wordpreocessor you use)
  2. Select a font (any font)
  3. Press a key, type a word, phrase or sentence ( anything!)
  4. Optional: If you want center, align it right or change fonts between words or letters
  5. Save it as a PDF or JPG


You can follow the same steps with a graphics program , and draw a line, dots, curved lines , colors, ANYTHING!

YOUR IMAGINATION IS THE LIMIT! (Anyone can be an artist!)

The next step is to print it and hang it on the wall.

You can Buy One!

Etsy and Creative Market are both online marketplaces where you can buy digital art.

Etsy is an online marketplace that specializes in handmade and vintage items, but has as of late been a very common place for digital art and digital goods such as printable art, digital papers, and clipart. Etsy has a user-friendly website and offers a wide variety of artworks from many artist.

Creative Market is another popular online marketplace for buying and selling digital assets such as graphics, templates, fonts, and a wide variety of digital art such as printable art, digital papers, and clipart.

Both platforms have a wide selection of digital art available for purchase, including a variety of styles, genres, and themes. They also have a search and filter system that allows you to easily find the art you’re looking for.

Additionally there are many places where you can buy digital art, including:

  1. Digital Art Marketplaces: Websites such as Redbubble, Society6, DeviantArt, ArtPal, and Instagram, are online marketplaces where artists can sell their digital art. They offer a wide variety of products such as clothing, phone cases, home decor and other items with the digital art printed on them.
  2. Online Art Galleries: Websites such as Saatchi Art, Artsy, and Uprise Art, are online art galleries that specialize in selling digital and traditional art. They offer a wide variety of artworks from various artists, and some of them also have a feature for buying the art as a digital download.
  3. Artist’s Websites: Many artists have their own websites where they sell their digital art as downloads or prints. Be sure to check the website of your favorite artist to see if they have any digital art available for purchase.
  4. Cryptocurrency Marketplaces: Some marketplaces, such as KnownOrigin, SuperRare, and Rarible, allow artists to sell their digital art using cryptocurrency. These marketplaces allow you to buy, sell, and trade digital art in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  5. Social Media: Many artists also sell their digital art on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, by direct messaging or through a link to their website or marketplace.

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