Intune / Autopilot Expirations

What is the impact of of long-term storage of Windows Autopilot registered devices?

A colleague of mine, Daniel Davilla, recently posted a very good explanation this common question we get ask all of the time. Very much appreciated and worth the read here.

I will not tell here all of the details but a couple important statements from his post follow:

Autopilot registered devices have 180 days to be used, otherwise the device has to be re-registered due to existing design limitations on the Microsoft backend. 

If the device has been enrolled into Intune via pre-provisioning or normal user driven Autopilot with a Device Enrollment Account, Intune administrators have the option of cleaning up inactive records automatically. Opting to use it means needing to coordinate with device storage planning.

There is more detail worth reading — As always, thank you Daniel !

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