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Microsoft: A Platform Agnostic Company – Yeah!

My professional live has revolved, in great percentage, around Microsoft and Microsoft technologies.   It has been a good life, but  over the few years it has felt it like swiming against the current because of the major trends out there..    With so much of the market going cloud-services, device independent application delivery, bring-your-own-device, and so many others, it has been a bit difficult.

When the new CEO, Satya Nadella, came up with the   “mobile first, cloud first” vision of computing back in April 2014,  I was fairly skeptical, as at least in my mind, Microsoft was still in the Microsoft-centric-ecosystem-mode..

In October 2014, in San Francisco, they had an informal conference explaining the Microsoft state-of-the-union  which was pretty  good..

Then he explained it a bit more, and began to be cautionsly excited…

 “We are the productivity and platform company. You’ve got the mobile platform and the cloud platform, and then there are multiple technology choices that people have to make. If you really want to be a productivity company, you’d better think about how you’re going to deliver those productivity experiences to everybody on this planet.”

Satya Nadella – Microsoft CEO – June 2014


It is very cool to see Microsoft returning to his roots…     What is cooler:  how fast is turning!!

What triggered this post you asked:  this week’s announcement where .NET is now open source!

That by itself that is great news, but combined with the other recent announcements WOW — It is exciting times!…   Just to list a few:

  • Office Everywhere initiative:
    • Office for iPad released.
    • Outlook and Office for Mac  new versions announced.
    • Office for Android  tablet
  • OneDrive has unlimited storage,  including integration with DropBox,
  • .NET now open source – Moving toward a cross-platform
  • Visual Studio 2013 is now available for free
  • Skype is now replacing Lync within the enterprise
  • Azure related:
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Added support for Docker containers on Linux
  • Office 365 related:
    • Microsoft Merges Intune Capabilities with Office 365
      • Including Office 365 MDM:
        • Intune-managed Office mobile apps
        • App wrapping capabilities
        • Managed browser, PDF viewer, AV player, and Image viewer apps
        • Grant secure access to corporate resources


All of this have re-ignited my interest and excitement with Microsoft .

Feels like the early years again!