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VDI Basic Questions answered

There seems to be a lot of market noise about this and it is an interesting topic.

What does  VDI stand for?

VDI =  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Is VDI new?

The virtual machine on the desktop is not new.

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop, Citrix, VMware Workstation, Parallel, Virtual PC and several others have been around for a while.

Is it simply thin-client revisited? is it more than this?
Aren’t we simply moving the desktop problem back to a centralized location? –

What is the fuzz all about?

The ability to access “my desktop” from any device, anywhere without having to re-instal software or worry about data.

Sample Companies?

Thin-client-like devices (do you rememember AlloyPC?)

Within Enterprises:
There are two leading companies in this space: Citrix with Xen Desktop and VMware with VMware View.

Although Microsoft has Remote Desktop, for large VDI implementations it has decided to partner with Citrix.

For individual consumers (emerging space):

Some companies offering this as a service include:

  • (very interesting but mostly for enterprises,)