Windows Azure – Simple Explanation

We are often asked what is Windows Azure, and how does it help the business.
Explaining what an application hosting platform is, and how it can help it is not as simple as it sounds… Microsoft Azure is an application hosting environment rather than a server-based like Amazon’s AWS environment.

  • Azure is a service that allows you to upload an application and run it.
  • Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) is a service that allows you to rent one or more virtual machines running Linux/Windows or some other operating system .
  • Both services charge based on usage parameters like CPU usage, number of requests, data transferred, and other variables. (consider and understand these carefully)
  • Both services provide “behind the scene” reliability, scalability and capacity, so you do not have to worry about it

In doing some of the research, I came across a nice presentation made by Steve Marx, which I had to share with all.

I went to Steve’s blog: and found it to be a wealth of very relevant information on the Azure topic. Thanks Steve! – We have earmarked your blog as one to follow.

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