IT management has changed dramatically over the past 3-5 years

Infrastructure is no longer a set of defined resources and associated problems, but instead it is an unlimited virtual set of IP assets that can be deployed and managed in automated ways across any number of providers.

Now days, infrastructure is being managed as Software with little to no human intervention.

Virtualized Infrastructures, Cloud-based devices, Converge Infrastructures, Containers, Dockers all play a role in the evolution of IT.       But IT is not only about technology, but also people and processes.

Technology advances (and adoption) has forged a tremendous shift in the way we management infrastructure (large and small) and the role of IT  departments, consulting services companies and resources are changing dramatically.   Software Oriented Architecture (SOA), ESB and  ITIL are all frameworks that were created to help manage large sets of infrastructure resources, and they are being broken down, redefined, and simplified as we speak.

IT management will continue to change exponentially over the next few years.

This is what this series is all about.   A set of essays, about this transformation many of us are undertaking.  IT as a Business has changed and its evolution, we find interesting and fascinating!