21st Century Renaissance Time

For a while now I have been following the major accomplishments and progress in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and general computing power.   

From a pure technology point of view, we live in absolutely amazing times, but on the other side, the social implications and changes just around the corner are truly mind-blowing.

As an IT professional I have always been in the business of implementing technology to help automate / improve processes within businesses, and have written a number of articles on the topic, including, as of lately, how my field is in the process of being disrupted and disinter-mediated.

So it was natural for me to picked up a the audio book  Rise of the Robots by  Martin Ford. which, in my view, describes very well  what the challenges the future brings as these new technologies begin to make mainstreams.  Everyone should read this!    This past Sunday, the topic, author and book,  was featured in Sunday Morning’s report titled: Automation nation

I find this topic and especially at this time simply  fascinating !

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