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InfoBits – Windows 10 News You Can use Aug 2018

onth – or so, I try to  find a short list on Windows 10 related topics which would be of  interest to you and specially your customers.    

Please feel free to share below items with your peers and customers!

Windows 10 represent a great opportunity to change the way customers deploy and manage devices, however it also represents a big challenge for many customer.  We continue to visit customers, and there are still a lot of them  deploying Windows 10 without understanding of its capabilities or new Windows as a Service (WaaS) cadence.  

We can help them in this journey to Modern Device Management!  It is not trivial or easy… We have lots of experience on this topic…


Lots of happening since my last update… Hope you had a great 1H 

  • Windows 10 Opportunity Ahead:

I posted a very short  internal blog post:  Windows 10 Opportunity: 184M devices in 370 Working Days    Summary follows:

According to Microsoft there is 184M Windows 7 devices worldwide still out there —  

Based on the  Windows 10 Migration Countdown Calculator  there is less than 370 working days  to migrate them to Windows 10.

  • About 184 million commercial PCs around the world (excluding China)

o   50% were within enterprises

o   30% in small- and mid-sized businesses

o   30% in government. Nearly two-thirds of those machines were older than five years old

o   64% of Devices are older than 5 years (117.8  million devices!)

  • Of the 184 million, 25% of them are in the USA — That is about 45 million in the USA alone!
  • Migration rate per remaining working days

o   Worldwide: 497,297 devices per working day

o   US: 124,324 devices  per working day

This ties with the Windows 10 Red Pill/ Blue Pill  messaging we have been presenting in the last few weeks to internal teams including RSD teams.

If you have not seen this presentation you can find posted at: Windows 10: Red Pill/ Blue Pill Video

Do you know how are your customers doing with Windows 10 migrations?  Do they know how DellEMC can help?

  • Windows 7  End of Extended Support date: January 14, 2020   Less than <365 Working Days!

Procrastination is REAL!    —   Customers need our help!

  • Windows 10 Keeping Current

So many of our customers are having challenges with this.    The challenges can be summarize as follows:

  • Large Size of Updates
  • Application Validation & Testing
  • Deployment Effort (Deployment Rings)
  • New Operational Processes