Launching a New Blog: ModernEUC.com

In my work I  have a lot of conversations and do a lot presentations om the topic of Workspace Transformation,  Modern Provisioning and  Modern Device management.  There is so much change in this field right now, that it is challenging for most enterprises.     

I have written a lot of articles on the impact of Windows 10 on the enterprise and related topics, and for a while now, I’ve been thinking about spinning up a new blog specifically dedicated to this topic.       So over the last couple of weeks I took the time, and secure the domain, twitter account, and moved some of the  content  to launch:   https://jorgep.com/blog   

Although I am the primary content contributor at the moment, my hope is to have multiple folks contributing content in the near future… 

My goal with this new site, is to guide customers through the journey and adopt Modern Device Management.    

Check it out!



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