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  • Launching a New Blog:  ModernEUC.com

    Launching a New Blog: ModernEUC.com

    In my work I  have a lot of conversations and do a lot presentations om the topic of Workspace Transformation,  Modern Provisioning and  Modern Device management.  There is so much change in this field right now, that it is challenging for most enterprises.      I have written a lot of articles on the impact […]

  • Microsoft Platform: Workspace Transformation

    Microsoft Platform: Workspace Transformation

    Workspace transformation is gaining  lot of momentum at the moment.   At its core,  it is about letting users access data and applications securely anywhere anytime.   Enabling users to quickly provision their devices is only part of the story.   Request applications so they can quickly securely access the  data without the large bureaucracy associated with IT […]

  • Reflections on Windows 7 Launch

    Article by Rob West As my esteemed colleague Jorge points out, it has been a busy summer (and now autumn) for us on this team, and as such, our posting frequency has not been, shall we say, “optimized.” I’ve been on the road a bit, and speaking at a number of Windows 7 Launch events, […]

  • Microsoft Assessment MAP Toolkit and Planning Toolkit 4.0 Released

    Some of us have been using it already, but just in case you did not know, MAP 4.0 is now officially released. As you would expect,most of the changes are around Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V, but there is much more.   Definitelly a good upgrade!   According to the official release, key new features […]

  • New Vision Desktop Management – Article Series

    Desktop management is now a critical function of IT services within any organization. Historically, standalone computers and small networks did not require much centralization and management. However, rapid technological advancements, network size growth and the proliferation of the Internet have driven the need for advanced desktop management solutions. The Vision:  “Power and flexibility of a […]

  • A New Vision for Desktop Management – White Paper

    A couple of years ago, a couple of colleagues and I created a two-part white paper on Desktop Management  which I  never published here…   Still very relevant so  here you go.. A New Vision for Desktop Management White Paper by Jorge Pereira, Sean Kennedy, Rob West December 2006 Desktop Management has remained largely unchanged over […]

  • Virtual Desktop Visionary Stoneware, integrates Google Apps

    These are exciting times – when the humble world of HTML and JavaScript have been leveraged to the hilt, and AJAX applications now rival traditional executables in functionality and behavioral metaphors. Stoneware seems poised to deliver what many of us have dreamed about for as long as bandwidth has been increasing.

  • Upgrading from MD 1.0 to MDT 2008

    If you’re a user of Microsoft Deployment 1.x and upgrading to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008, then you’ll want to pop over to Michael Niehaus’ blog, where he’s posted instructions on this scenario. Seems they included BDD to MDT migration, but not MD to MDT migration. One thing of note from this posting (as we […]

  • Follow the “D”: BDD -> MD -> MDT!

    I certainly hope this is the last of the name thrashing on this product for awhile. For those of you just getting used to the name change from Business Desktop Deployment Solution Accelerator to Microsoft Deployment, the folks in Redmond have changed the name of this product again, and it’s now being referred to as […]

  • Free Webinar: Desktop Management – The Business Value of Application Virtualization

    I thought some of you might be interested in a free event that our team is putting on, centered around the business value of virtualizing applications. For Infrastructure Optimization wonks like myself, this technology is poised to become the centerpiece of many future IO engagements for me and our team. Registration is free, and the webinar is an hour long.

  • Imaging Solutions for the New Millennium

    Is your company struggling with its migration plan to move to Microsoft Vista or Windows Server 2008? Does your IT Staff dread the thought of having to deploy new hardware in your enterprise environment? Do you still have technicians that run around with a handful of CD’s to deploy a new PC in a remote […]

  • MDOP 101 – What’s so great about the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack?

    If you haven’t already heard of it, you will: The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, or MDOP for short, is an add-on subscription for customers with Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) coverage for their Windows desktops. The five core components of MDOP are SoftGrid Application Virtualization, System Center Desktop Error Monitoring, Asset Inventory Service, Diagnostics and Recovery […]

  • Wither SoftGrid ZeroTouch?

    My colleagues and I have been hearing a lot about Windows Server 2008 and Terminal Services RemoteApps. Very cool stuff: it’s a great way to publish applications to your users (thin or thick clients) especially if you’re not ready to make a heavy Citrix investment. But, a few of us are refugees from the old […]

  • A Concise History of Microsoft Deployment

    A follow-up to my article on Microsoft Deployment: Michael Niehaus, BDD developer and all-around cool guy wrote a “from-the-horses-mouth” history of Microsoft Deployment, for those of you interested in its evolution: A Concise History of Microsoft Deployment

  • A New Vision for Desktop Management – Part 2

    By Jorge Pereira and Rob West Originally published as a white paper for Kennedy Consulting on January 2007 Continuation of:  A New Vision from Desktop Management Part 1 It’s a fact that Desktop Management has become increasingly complex today as compared to a decade ago. Before the introduction of the Internet and the Local Area […]

  • A New Vision for Desktop Management – Part 1

    By Jorge Pereira and Sean Kennedy, Kennedy Consulting Originally published as a white paper for Kennedy Consulting on December 2006 Desktop management has remained largely unchanged over the past few years. Application provisioning and management (delivery, installation, configuration, auditing, and updates) is at the core of the challenges associated with desktop management. In the past, […]