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This newsletter contains a few items of interest that have caught my eye in the Modern EUC , Modern Device Management and Workforce Transformation space in the last month or so.

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Last issue of 2021!

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This month’s highlighted items:

  • Windows 11 talk:
    • This is not the same kind of migration effort as it was from Windows 8 or Windows 7 to Windows 10 — it is much easier and more of a feature update (Windows 10 to Windows 10 update) – Well done Microsoft!
      • Application compatibility vs Windows 10 – non issue
      • Deployment Update process – non issue (just like another Windows Feature Update
      • Group Policies / Security – non-issue (minimal impact)
      • Technical differences / issues – Non issue (minimal Impact) – With very slight changes In Window Autopilot process
      • The primary changes are to the user Interface (UI) for both end users and for administrators 
      • Full blog post here
    • I have been using Windows 11  for a while now, and one of my favorite features is the multiple desktops feature.   It lets me focus and it is like having multiple machines available at any time.  Pretty cool!  – Check blog post for details.

  • Speaking of Modern Device management,    It is time to fully commit! –   hybrid-domain was a feature made available by Microsoft to help transition in the journey to true cloud-native management –   If you stay in hybrid mode, it is not simple to manage and challenges the benefits (including cost savings) of a true cloud-native endpoint management strategy.  More on:  Commit to Modern Device Management – Modern EUC Blog

Highlighted  blog posts:

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