Tech Summit 2017:Latest Windows 10 Deployment Video

If you have not seen the latest (January 27, 2017) Microsoft Tech Summit video from Michael Niehaus you are missing a lot !

Enhance Windows 10 deployment: What’s new with Windows 10 deployment?

It is a wealth of information on current releases but also lots of insights on best practices as well!

One particular item he touched on is the challenge of size of the update and quality packages right now and how are they addressing..

He talked about a ton of stuff:

In case you missed it: What is new in 1607
60 day grace period for 1507 starts on 1/26.
Windows 10 Deployment Choices –
Why Modern and Upgrade is better than Traditional
Upgrade – When not to use
Changing from Legacy BIOS to UEFI
Third Party Disk Encryption
Language Packs Challenges.
Upgrade Process: Drivers!
Upgrade process: Dynamic Updates ( challenges wth ConfigMgr / WSUS)
Dynamic Update works best without WSUS and SCCM!
Support for ESD files
Upgrade Process: Size (Feature Upgrades & Quality Upgrades)
Working on this: Express Updates: Will reduce Network traffic by an order of magnitude.
Upgrade Process: In-Box Apps
Upgrade Process: Settings Migration
Upgrade Process: Preflight
Upgrade process BIOS to UEFI (details on how will it work)
New Windows Update for Business Policies
Windows Upgrade Analytics
Windows as a Service: Which Tool to Use
Windows Modern Deployment
Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer Demo
How to handle Preinstall Software / Recommendations
Provisioning Changing The SKU
Provisioning: A look forward!
A look at the new: Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)
What’s new with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
Configuration Manager Talk
and so much more!

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