Juiced App’s and OS’es

Brian Tinham over at Manufacturing Computer Solutions leads with a posting about Window’s 2008 Server Core offering – cool stuff. Even cooler for the virtual-set is the prospect of using the application formerly known as SoftGrid in a “what if” scenario to virtualize OS’es in a way that we don’t have in today’s Microsoft SoftGrid. Richard Edwards from the Butler Groups has this to say:

“He (Edwards) makes the point that by stripping away some non-essential elements of the operating system, Windows Server 2008 gains a significant performance boost, as well as a reduced attack surface – and while services are reduced, Microsoft adds its next-generation hypervisor-based server – Hyper-V.”

“Importantly, Edwards characterises that as a “juice carton” – an operating system providing just enough capability to contain a virtualised server or application. “Microsoft Application Virtualisation [formerly known as SoftGrid Application Virtualisation] could turn out to be a very powerful ‘juice extractor’ if applied to operating systems as well as applications, as the technology is able to analyse patterns and dependencies to create a virtual application package,” he explains.”

Check out Brian’s full article and have a glass of juice.