Microsoft Intune Suite is now GA!

As if this writing this is the list of items included with Microsoft Intune Suite which is an add-on to the Microsoft Intune Core product.

( Cost is $18/user/month = $8 core + $10 Microsoft Intune Suite)

  • Microsoft Intune core capabilities
    • Cross-platform endpoint management
    • Built-in endpoint security
    • Mobile application management
    • Endpoint analytics
    • Microsoft Configuration Manager
  • Microsoft Intune Tunnel for Mobile Application Management
    • A lightweight VPN solution for iOS and Android mobile devices that does not require device enrollment.
  • Microsoft Intune management of specialty devices
    • A set of device management, configuration and protection capabilities for special, purpose-built devices such as augmented reality and virtual reality headsets, large smart-screen devices, and conference room meeting devices. See the complete list of devices supported.
  • Microsoft Intune firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates
    • A technology that enables remote firmware updates on supported devices, giving customers more control.
  • Microsoft Intune Remote Help
    • A cloud-based solution that enables secure helpdesk-to-user connections.
  • Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management
    • A feature that allows standard users to perform elevations approved by their organization.
  • Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics
    • A set of analytics-driven capabilities that help IT admins understand, anticipate, and improve end-user experiences.
  • Microsoft Intune Enterprise Application Management
    • A solution that enables easy app discovery, deployment, and updating using a securely hosted enterprise app catalog.
  • Microsoft Cloud PKI ( Coming soon)
    • A public key infrastructure (PKI) solution that allows customers to create multiple certificate authorities and manage the lifecycle of certificates issued to Intune-managed devices.


Microsoft Intune Plans and Pricing

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