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My Top 10 Basic Rules for Non-Business Travel

After years of travel, these are the 10 basic rules of travel I’ve developed.   I will  be telling you the same, if you go to Chicago, Paris, New York, Egypt, Japan  or Santiago– no difference.
  1. Be a smart traveler:  Do not get into dark alleys,  be aware of your surroundings, travel light, trust your instincts. . 
  2. When in-transit,  keep your passport inside ZipBag on your money belt.  Also keep 40 or 50 US dollars with it ( remember to take money out of passport when handing passport to border official or officer). 
  3. Carry only a small purse or backpack with stuff you do not care if someone runs with it. 
  4.  Keep spending  money handy –  in purse or pants –  also useful in case you need to “give to somebody”
  5. When in doubt, pause and say to yourself, what would an Aussie do? ( they are the most fun and wise travelers I’ve encountered)
  6. Hotel may request your passport for safe keeping –  DO NOT forget it when you check out. 
  7. Eat well.  drink bottled water (  watch your open drinks.) 
  8. Do not rush. Enjoy the little things.
  9.  Be prepared for the unexpected- especially in South America.- if it happens,  do not worry too much about it.  It will all work out 🙂   (Stuck at the bottom of an active volcano – someone will appear to help out of nowhere)
  10. Most people are good. Make friends, interact, have fun.  However,  trust only a few!