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Two Weeks In Costa Rica 2006

Couple of  years ago, we had a fantastic trip to Costa Rica.  

Although I have been there many times, this time we were accompanied by family friends  (another family of 4) and felt a bit of the pressure to show them a memorable time.      

So much to see!  Not enough to cover in one trip, so we  decided to divide the trip in two section for maximum exposure:  Beach and Jungle.   

For part 1, we found a rental house in a location we thought was a good one to base our explorations, near Jaco Beach –  It was a fantastic house: on the beach, and with a great pool.   We did exploration trips from the base house to the beaches, and Central Valley… For Part 2, which was a bit more remote, we stayed at the Hotel Arenal which was very reasonable and very nice.

Very happy to report we all had a great time, and we build a lifetime of memories!   

I am publishing  our schedule  in the hopes that it may help someone else.  

(Pardon the simplicity! — I hope to add pictures and more details  at some point)  


Day  Activities
14-Dec Late Arrival SJO – Costa Rica Marriott San José (GREAT HOTEL! )

  •  About 20 minutes from the Airport (have shuttle)
  • Beatiful and great landing hotel outside the city.
  • Location:  Heredia Province, Belén, Costa Rica
15-Dec Drive to the Beach House (Playa Agujas near Jaco.)

  • Drive is 2.5 hours w/  stops along the way)
  • Get the rental vehicle  (Van)
  • Breakfast and drive to beach house  
  • Stop at the coffee place at the top of the mountain
  • Stop at Crocodile bridge lookout point
  • Relax at the house  / beach / pool
16-Dec Manuel Antonio National Preserve Trip Day  

  • Drive to Manuel Antonio – 2.5 hours (costanera hwy: 95Km)
  • Beach & Market time
  • Lunch in Town –  (Sandinista Airplane Restaurant) 
  • Walk in town & Drive.
  • Drive back to the house


17-Dec Local Sightseeing – House / Beach  / Short Drive (80 Km round trip)


18-Dec Local Activity   (total Drive time 2 hours)


19-Dec Back to the City (Long day!)



House / Beach  (Relax Day  – Pool & Beach) 


21-Dec Local Activities:

  • Horseback riding in the Jungle and the Beach
  • Horse Show night



House / Beach  –  (Relax Day – Pool & Beach) 


23-Dec Capital day:   Get to know the City:  San Jose

  • Gold Museum
  • National Theater
  • Central Market 
24-Dec House /  Beach  ( Relax Day – Pool & Beach) 

Christmas Eve Dinner at the house


25-Dec Drive  to Arenal Area:    

Destination:    Los Lagos Resort

26-Dec Explore Arenal Area Day 1 –

27-Dec Explore Arenal Area Day 2 –


28-Dec Drive back to San Jose

  • 3 -4 hour drive (136Km)
  • Back to the Marriott San Jose 
29-Dec Relax Day –  

  • Enjoy the Marriott Hotel
  • Butterfly Farm

Thank you dinner at: El Rodeo Steak House – San Antonio De Belen

(Not too far from the hotel)


30-Dec Leave back to the USA — Airport (early) 



In researching my trip,   I found a few other resources and guides that may be helpful as well.  I will try to update this from time to time… They follow: 



Like in many of our trips we go completely crazy on the amount of photos we take, here are just a few generic one:


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