News You can Use: April 2021

This newsletter contains a few items of interest that have caught my eye in the Modern EUC , Modern Device Management and Workforce Transformation space in the last month or so.

This month’s highlighted items:

  • As organizations move to Modern Device Management, and leave behind traditional methods of deploying and managing devices, I believe is vital to also transform the way they think about cyber security. Zero Trust and Modern Device Management conversation go hand-in-hand – you cannot do one without the other.
  • BIOS and driver updates are a very big challenge facing many organizations today. In fact, so many of them do not patch anything after initial deployment, and only if the device fails, they think of applying patches. This has never been a best practice, but with the introduction of Windows 10 and Windows as a Service (Waas), the lack of a update strategy for BIOS and drivers is a big NO-NO, and it needs to be solved.
  • Microsoft 365 is an incredible value to organizations. It not only contains not the Operating System, Productivity Tools and endpoint management tools but also, embedded by design, contains many of the security pieces needed by organizations to maintain your identity, data, applications and endpoints strongly protected and secure ( see blog on: Zero Trust Security and MDM) . To my knowledge, the level of integration and scale of this complex and flexible platform is unparalleled. Many organizations have deployed only a portion of their Microsoft 365 workloads. Now businesses, large and small, are looking at why are they paying double licenses tools to manage multifactor authentication, single sign on and of course endpoint security Read more at blog: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint – More

Dell Technologies Services CyberSecurity

Something that is not well known is that Dell Technologies Services has an incredible portfolio of service offerings around cybersecurity, from products to services. covering endpoints datacenter and networking, and tightly aligned to NIST cybersecurity framework.

EUC Related Services

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Vulnerability or Compliance Assessment
  • Endpoint Security Baseline, Encryption
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Incident Response and Recovery (IRR)
  • Cloud App Security
  • New/Remediated Asset Deployment
  • Virtual Security Operations Center ( vSOC )
  • On Prem, Cloud, and Hybrid Active Directory
  • Network Security (Segmenting, VPN, Firewall, IDS)
  • Virtual Cybersecurity Team ( vCST )
  • Chief InfoSecurity Officer ( vCISO
  • Forensic Drive Preservation, Data
  • Decryption/Sanitization

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