Windows Autopilot/Microsoft Intune Explained (High Level Overview)

This is part of a number of videos I will call Explained Series

Every day I get questions about the differences between Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune. There is a general misconception out there that they are one and the same, which they are not.

In this short 10 minute video I provide a high level low-technical overview of each and how as well as associated Dell Technologies service offerings.

Video Content: –

  • What is Windows Autopilot –
  • What is Microsoft Intune –
  • Steps to Modern Provisioning
    • Device Registration
    • Device Enrollment
    • Device Provisioning
  • Dell Technologies Service Offerings

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Resources listed on the video follow below:

Dell Technologies InFocus Blog

Modern EUC Blog   ( Follow on Twitter @moderneuc )

Windows Autopilot Related blogs (Modern EUC)

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