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Non-Windows Devices with Microsoft Intune

Organizations that have already moved their Windows devices management to into MDM tools are now looking to bring other OS platforms like into existing tools and take advantage of a holistic, single pane view of the end-user computing environment. Microsoft Intune provides this capabilities

Cloud Attached is Your Future

Danny Guillory created a series of blog posts and a video which resonated with me in a number of ways. Every person engage in device management within an organization should read this document. It is an excellent blueprint for devices management strategy.

Dell Command Update and MDM

it is imperative that device manufacturer’s system software, firmware and BIOS up-to-date. In this article we point to how to videos to install Dell Command Update with Microsoft Intune and Workspace One.

Unified Endpoint Management Field 2018

This post  was inspired by a tweet  from VMware’s COO Sanjay Poonen (part of Dell Technologies)

It is simply amazing how much the End User Computing  space has changed in the last four year…    For many of us in the industry the  way we were managing PC devices needed a radical change.    We simply could not continue to perpetuate the existing model.Read More »Unified Endpoint Management Field 2018