Cloud Attached is Your Future

I talk to customers daily about this topic, but the title of this blog post is not mine. Danny Guillory created blog post I just read which resonated with me in a number of ways. Seriously good one!

Every person engage in device management within an organization should read this document. It is an excellent blueprint for devices management strategy.

He writes:

When the global pandemic started, we were all thrust into the new (and very lightly explored) area of managing devices remotely 100% of the time. Of course, everyone rushed to their VPN solution only to uncover new obstacles and even more significant challenges which they had never anticipated.

As I talk to customers and I listen to how their management of the Windows estate has changed, I am always surprised by the lack of the “Big 3”:

  1. Cloud management gateway (CMG)
  2. Tenant attach
  3. Co-management

These are the essential features that you need NOW as you continue to modernize and streamline your management solution.

One more:

 The mantra here is “transformation not migration.”

(Drop the mic) BOOM!!!

He provides a simple exec-level summary to the blog post:

  • CMG: Extend the capability of Windows device management and resolve VPN contention – without disruption to current workflows, without the added on-premises infrastructure to manage, and with no additional risk.
  • Tenant Attach: This is the simplest way to add value by extending the investment in your on-premises environment to the cloud without recreating net new configuration. Gain actions and insights to devices on-premises or off-premises from the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.
  • Co-Management: Enable features in the cloud. Bring new functionality such as Conditional Access for immediate cloud value or begin to transition existing workloads from the cloud at your own pace.

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