Microsoft Intune Video Series

With the many work at home / remote work initiatives going on in the world, Microsoft Intune has become very popular (some will say the standard) to manage devices within small, medium and large organizations.

Many are looking to come up to speed quickly and are looking to learn more about the product, its options and how to configure it. I ran into a fantastic series of short videos in the ConceptWorks YouTube channel that explain clearly from concept to how to do it. The breakdown of the topics is excellent!

Side note: We have no association or know who Concept Works is, but this body of work is very well done! Thank you!

If you are looking at getting familiar or understand a particular topic it is the place to go. In less than 3 hours you will be more than familiar with the system and would ready for a proof-of-concept project within your environment!

As a related topic, I also have a blog post on Azure Active Directory Video Series which is also great !

What is Microsoft Intune ? (14:03 )
Setting Up Intune (9:18 )
Intune Custom Roles (11:47 )
Intune App Lifecycle Management (6:42 )
Intune Application Deployment | Intune MAM (17:19 )
Intune Application Protection | Intune MAM (10:37 )
Intune App Protection Policy | Intune MAM (21:19 )
Intune Selective Wipe (7:48 )
Intune MDM | Mobile Device Management (7:47 )
Windows Device Enrollment | Microsoft Intune (7:18 )
Enroll Windows Device In Intune (13:03 )
Microsoft Intune | Windows Device Enrollment Restrictions (17:42 )
Microsoft Intune | Device Enrollment Manager (11:32 )
Onboard Hybrid Azure AD Joined Devices to Intune (17:01 )

You can access this Intune YouTube Playlist directly here

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