Digital Transformation has CHANGED!

Aside from the many spelling errors ( English UK !! ) I just read this GREAT new article on ZDNet that talks about the significant change that Digital Transformation has undergone in the past couple of years.

I ** LOVE ** this quote from the Bob Parket Senior VP at IDC:

“… digital transformation is really a CEO priority — more so than a CIO priority…”

Digital transformation passed the test, it seems. Going forward, Computer Economics suggested that the “low-hanging fruit” in cloud migration is now picked, and that “We are now in the stage of digital transformation where we are not just replacing existing tools — we are now enhancing them.”

Great report — Check it out at:


Digital Transformation Index

While on the subject, Dell Technologies, my employer, publishes Digital Transformation Index, highlighting results of their research in measuring transformation progress around the world. Check it out here


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