OneDrive Basics

I just read an excellent series of 9 blog posts by Hans Brender (aka: Mr.OneDrive | MVP on Twitter) on OneDrive Basics.

(I was planning on doing a simple series, but Hans had already done it – Kudos to him!)

In the first post of his series he begins with the statement:

OneDrive is more than just another network drive with or without a drive letter. It is Microsoft’s foundation for collaboration.


This is SO VERY TRUE ! In fact the Microsoft 365 App (formerly known as Office 365 ProPlus) and is just a part of the entire Microsoft 365 platform !

I love a couple of slides he uses to explain how data is accessed (composite below)

The list of articles he has published as of this writing include:

I learned a lot from his writings and can’t wait to read blog #10: OneDrive Basics 10 (Teams).

Thank you Hans or should I say: Mr.OneDrive!

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