Fourth Industrial Revolution – Davos 2017

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and the implications on society, economy and culture are tremendous…     For some of us in the field, we notice the rate of the change.  The speed of the technological revolution  is incredible.   

Every leader, no matter how small or large, high or low your position is,  needs to make sure this continues to be a top of mind topic.  We need to understand it, manage it and help everyone in the transition.   

I am very  happy to see that  the topic was top of mind at the  World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017 in  Davos, Switzerland.   I am more pleased that they made all the sessions available for the world to see…      The global representation of the presenters was  impressive.  

There are many session to watch, depending on your interest , but the ones I would like to highlight follow: 

The conference took place January 17-20,  2017 Davos-Klosters, Switzerland  

Great wealth of fantastic information! 


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