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In-Place UEFI Conversion Coming to Windows 10

Looks like the next version of Windows 10, dubbed Creator Update – will include a Legacy BIOS to UEIF in-place migration tool.

This is very good news for enterprises out there, as it is a difficult hurdle to overcome when doing in-place updates.

The Creators Update will also include a feature to help organizations that are replacing Windows 7 system images that use the legacy PC BIOS and MBR disk partition scheme with Windows 10 images that use UEFI firmware and the GPT disk partition scheme. This generally requires manual intervention to both repartition the disk and change the system firmware to use UEFI-style booting instead of BIOS-style booting. With the update, a conversion tool will be available to automate this process and manage it from System Center Configuration Manager.

Looking forward to try it out and see how it is actually being implemented.


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