Sold My first NFT

Part of my Learning about NFT Series [ For my personal list of NFT Art Marketplaces see tracking list here ]

I am so excited!

I just found out that I sold my first NFT !!

No it was not millions, or thousands, or hundreds or tens of dollars — give me a but please give me a break 🙂

I am in someone’s collection now 🙂 HOW COOL IS THAT?

It was not one of the originals that I created and referred to in my original post: My first NFTs it was a newly created on OpenSea.IO called Happy Fish Drawing as a series of 5 – He has what no other has:

Happy Fish Drawing: 1 of 5

Since this is a blockchain is anonymous I have no idea who the real person who bought it is. I only know their handle ( asiephant ) and I currently do not know how to thank them!

Am I rich? How much did I sell it for?

Far from it — it was a test after I was listening to a great conference put out by Jason Calacanis and Inside: Understanding the NFT Opportunity

I put it for sale for ETH .001 ( US$2.07)

The buyer paid the asking price, plus US$42.90 in GAS fees

After fees I netted US $1.91 that came into my wallet. I now have $1.91 toward my artist fund 🙂

This is the blockchain transaction which is public and you can see it here also has a transaction record (here)

What did they buy?

They bought a digital certificate of ownership of a limited series of one of my digitized doodles pieces.

Specifically they bought 1 of 5.

What next?

First I needed someone to buy one of my pieces to understand the full process. This was the last piece I needed for my summary video of the entire experience — I have work this weekend!

Second, I need to think more about what is the next piece I want to put up for sales and for how much…


THANK YOU (asiephant ) whoever you are!

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