Weeping for the Ukraine People

It has been 2 months now since Russia invaded the Ukraine and the atrocities, pictures are just beyond words.

Credit: Sima Ghaffarzadeh, Pexels

Every day I troll the news from around the world hoping for some sort hope ahead, but so far nothing…

I watch the commentaries, the explanations and consequences ahead ( food related ) and I come out empty for explanations of how is this justifiable to anyone out there. How can Putin’s point of view and justification be in any way reasonable given the costs and lives being taken. I may be completely oblivious to the signals but It is truly incomprehensively to see how much money this people have (had?), the live styles they, and their families, lived and the fact that they had limitless path ahead to continue their enrichment and expansion with the money they had. They could have bought the world with less kaos than they have caused to-date. One guy had six yachts each worth 500M Euros. I am sure that someday, someone will publish a book as to how / why this came to be.

Many companies and developers I know are Ukrainian and live / lived there. So many we have lost contact with or are trying to keep their companies and work going. So many up rooted, so many have no clear path ahead, but still I see the reports and interviews and even though you can see they are tired, broken a bit, they keep their chins up and face the future with hope bravely.

I know that my point of view is a bit weighted based on where I live, but we were coming out of a pandemic, pushing forward the best we could, feeling optimistic about the recovery, looking ahead to a better world, and, although I can’t imagine this was a overnight decision, it happened.

I am silently weeping every day because of this world-catastrophe caused by a just a few men. This has no easy end or stop to it. We will feel the effects of this for generations to come – the world has changed even more.

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