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  • Experience is worth it!

    Experience is worth it!

    This is not mine, but It was a good reminder that experience is worth it and to charge for the value of your services.   A critical gearbox failed and no one could fix it. So they brought in a bloke with great trouble-shooting experience. He inspected the gear drive very carefully. After looking things […]

  • How often do you get home?

    How often do you get home?

    It has  been a tough couple of travel days, and decided that the night was better spent catch up on work.  For dinner I chose to eat at the hotel restaurant, which, to be honest, I prefer to avoid, except for rare occasions. Like most of us, I usually mind my own business, and do […]

  • Trail Walking Hazards

    Funny story about the outdoors.    My wife and I were walking on a popular trail around our town.  I was behind her to let her pass a narrow portion when, out of the corner of my eye,   I noticed a movement by her foot.  Almost immediately and   suddenly something jumped and was coming at […]

  • I Know One Thing – Part 2

    I know one thing: I need to do more… I set the stage in Part 1 of this post which is an effort to document my current state of mind regarding where I am about my goals in this adventure..    I realize now that: Income comes from conversions from traffic you attract. It is funny… […]

  • I Know One Thing – Part 1

    I know one thing: I need to do  more… Yes it is a bit of a spin on the ancient Greek phrase know as the Socratic Socratic paradox,: “I know that I know nothing” or “I know one thing: that I know nothing”   Early on I said that I wanted make an effort to […]

  • September 2012 and beyond.

    This will be the first post of what I hope to be an informative and useful series ahead.  They will be under the category:  Online Business I have been in the technology business for over 25 years, and for the vast part of them, they have been good years.        My work has consisted of helping […]

  • I like what i do, but sometimes…

    … it can get to me. 95% of the time I love what I do.   I managed to turn my hobby into a career which I have been doing for 25 years…   My interest and what my hobby used to be is what I do…  So why is it that sometimes, I wonder […]