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Facebook Effect Book Read.

I just read (eh-hum) listen to the book Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick which was published back in 2010, but never got around to reading…

What a fascinating and intriguing book.   It really is an unprecedented behind the scenes look a Facebook’s journey from its college origins, to raising capital,  to feature introduction, to Twitter compete, to growth pains…    The author does a great job at telling the overall story (as well as  individual stories).   He had great access to the key players for a long time (over 8-10  years), and that makes a world of (good) difference.

As mentioned, I was listening to the Audible audiobook version  of this book, which was narrated by the author, which was pretty cool.     A very nice surprise, at the end was an hour-long very interview between David and Randi Zuckerberg.  It was a very good and candid interview.

I plan to update this post with some tidbits from the book at some point…

Highly recommended!

The Facebook page (public) of The Facebook Effect book can be found here