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Tech Summit 2017: Windows 10 Deployment Whats New Video

If you have not seen the latest Microsoft Tech Summit video from Michael Niehaus you are missing a lot !

Enhance Windows 10 deployment: What’s new with Windows 10 deployment?

It is a wealth of information on current releases but also lots of insights as well! 

Aside from answering audience calls, he talked about a ton of stuff:

  • – In case you missed it: What is new in 1607
  • – 60 day grace period for 1507 starts on 1/26.
  • – Windows 10 Deployment Choices –
  • Why Modern and Upgrade is better than Traditional
  • Upgrade – When not to use
  • Changing from Legacy BIOS to UEFI
  • Third Party Disk Encryption
  • Language Packs Challenges.
  • Upgrade Process: Drivers!
  •  Upgrade process: Dynamic Updates ( challenges wth ConfigMgr / WSUS)
  • Dynamic Update works best without WSUS and SCCM!
  • Support for ESD files
  • Upgrade Process: Size (Feature Upgrades & Quality Upgrades)
  • Working on this: Express Updates: Will reduce Network traffic by an order of magnitude.
  • Upgrade Process: In-Box Apps
  • Upgrade Process: Settings Migration
  • Upgrade Process: Preflight
  • Upgrade process BIOS to UEFI (details on how will it work)
  • New Windows Update for Business Policies
  • Windows Upgrade Analytics  
  • Windows as a Service: Which Tool to Use
  • Windows Modern Deployment
  • Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer Demo
  • How to handle Preinstall Software / Recommendations
  • Provisioning Changing THe SKU
  • Provisioning: A look forward!
  • A look at the new: Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)
  • Whats new with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
  • Configuration Manager Talk
  • and so much more!