jorgep Podcast Info

Welcome to my Podcast !

My intent with this podcast, is to

  1. learn and have fun
  2. get better along the way and have a record of the process.
  3. develop a routine and hold myself accountable to it

My goal is to publish weekly.

The topics will vary widely, as they will reflect whatever it is on my mind on that week.  Tech, travel, family, life, work,  Two things I do know: 

  1. I will not discuss politics 
  2. They will be short episodes no more than 10 minutes in length.



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Podcast list follows:  

Episode # Episode Name Published Date
004 30 years! June 26, 2017
003 Family Stories June 20, 2017
002 Testing Audio Quality June 15, 2017
001 Why I Started A Podcast June 14, 2017