31Posts.com Comes To An End

This page/post is placed here as an archive of 31posts.com project.

Today,  September 6, 2017   we are closing 31posts.com

It is never easy to close a project you have been involved in…

In the past year, there are a number of applications that have come out that handle social media schedules and publishing that have  the same or better feature set that 31Post was targeting.    Even the prices I would pay for  the service have been matched.

I started this app with the goal of creating an app for me to schedule posts on multiple  social media accounts ahead of time based on a editorial calendar schedule format.  At the time there was just a couple of apps available, and they were expensive, and did not meet my desired requirements.      Along the way I showed it to several people, and they liked it, and asked me to add it.    At its peak,  we had about a dozen customers on it, some of them paying a nominal monthly fee, and had a couple of virtual developers working on it.     Eventually, I created 31posts.com marketing and subscription page website, but never did any proactive marketing to it.   It was  not my primary focus, but just something I did for fun and learning.

All customers have been informed and they are using other systems.

After testing and working with several of the applications out there, our recommended / preferred system as of this writing is PostCron.com .   It is what we are using moving forward.  ( we are not receiving any fees – indirectly or directly for recommending them)

Truly appreciate everyone who helped on this project.   Customers, Developers, Family & Friends.

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