Bye Yammer – Hello Viva Engage

On the day before Valentine’s day 2023 Microsoft confirmed that Microsoft will remove Yammer from its product set and it will replace it with Viva ENGAGE

In a Microsoft Community Hub blog post, Viva and Yammer chief vice president Murali Sitaram explains:

“Over the last several months we’ve heard your feedback that having two apps surfacing similar experiences and the same services and content has introduced confusion and made it challenging to drive adoption and create clarity for end users.”

Further, Murali also explains:

I want to assure you that these branding changes will not change the current capabilities, value, or pricing of Yammer for existing Microsoft 365 customers and/or M365 SKUs. All the capabilities you enjoy today with your existing M365 license will continue to be available to you, just under a new name, Viva Engage.

The article summarizes the sorry as follows:

Long story short, Yammer will be swallowed entirely by Viva Engage, with the branding changing incrementally across the products throughout 2023. This will include changing the existing Yammer mobile apps to Viva Engage from March, which will be followed by a transition for the Yammer web app starting this summer.


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