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The goal with this section, is to provide readers some guidance through the journey to Workspace Transformation and adoption of Modern Provisioning and Modern Device Management. My hope is to have many people contributing content, and to become a good source of information for the community…

A lot of product changes, new technologies and new best practices have been introduced in the past few years.    The way we have been managing end-user devices for the past 20-25 years has changed drastically and will continue to change rapidly.  This has caused many large and small organization having to adapt rapidly to new operational processes and new technologies.

This is the new home of the ModernEUC blog which I started back in 2016. In September 2022 I chose to fold it as a section into my primary site and that is where it will live moving forward. You can see the Modern EUC genesis post for more details on the beginnings and purpose of it. The same goals moving forward just a little different place 🙂

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  • VMware ends support for free ESXi

    By Jorge Pereira • 2024-02-14
    Broadcom STRIKES again!   A couple of days ago, VMware announced that the free version of VMware’s vSphere Hypervisor, also known as ESXi, is being discontinued.    This product was not really used many organizations, but it will be a significant impact to hobbyist and tech tinkers, and folks with home labs who were not already migrated to…
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  • Microsoft Intune Suite is now GA!

    By Jorge Pereira • 2024-02-10
    As if this writing this is the list of items included with Microsoft Intune Suite which is an add-on to the Microsoft Intune Core product. ( Cost is $18/user/month = $8 core + $10 Microsoft Intune Suite) Resources: Microsoft Intune Plans and Pricing
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  • Microsoft Stream January 2024 – Updates Changes

    By Jorge Pereira • 2024-01-12
    Very interesting changes coming to Microsoft Stream platform…  Microsoft Stream Classic will retire on February 15, 2024 My FAVORITE:   Virtual teleprompter The teleprompter feature is a new addition to Microsoft Stream that allows you to add a scrolling script to your screen recording or video. This can be helpful if you need to read…
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  • Turning Off Microsoft Copilot on Windows

    By Jorge Pereira • 2024-01-11
    Have to say I find this strange, but in the past couple of weeks I’ve received several inquiries from customers as to how to turn off Copilot First let me say that the first thing I want to clarify is that they are talking about the Copilot for Edge which is the “sometimes annoying” default…
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  • Practical AI in K-12 Education

    By Jorge Pereira • 2023-12-05
    There is A LOT of conversation how Artificial Intelligence will change the landscape of Education. It is something that it is talked in my house a lot, as I think we see the changes coming and the discussions on the impact in higher education, we feel are significant. A few months back I created a…
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  • Making Sense of Microsoft’s Copilot brand

    By Jorge Pereira • 2023-10-11
    It seems like Microsoft has named “everything” that has to do with Artificial Intelligence fall into the Copilot brand. Copilot is an AI feature that allows you describe what you need in plain English. In my opinion, we will come to see Artificial Intelligence tools, like Copilot, in every product out there. It will be…
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  • OneDrive v3.0

    By Jorge Pereira • 2023-10-09
    Last week Microsoft announced OneDrive 3.0 Lots of excellent updated to an already great product. they are calling it The Future of File Management and it includes AI capabilities! ( OneDrive with Copilot ) to help quickly search, organize and extract information from your files.  Although not every featured mentioned is there, some are already…
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  • New Microsoft Teams version GA: Much faster and uses 50% less memory

    By Jorge Pereira • 2023-10-07
    New Microsoft Teams version GA: Much faster and uses 50% less memory ! Much faster, and it uses 50% less memory! Announcing general availability of the new Microsoft Teams app for Windows and Mac – Microsoft Community Hub Switch to the new Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Support A great video on this topic published by:…
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  • Checking for Windows 11 device compatibility across the fleet

    By Jorge Pereira • 2023-09-24
    Now that we are less than 25 months away from the end of Windows 10, and the 3rd release of Windows 11 (23H2) is starting to roll out this week, many organizations are starting to plan their Windows 11 rollouts. Windows 10 Home / ProOctober 14, 2025 Windows 10 Enterprise & educationOctober 14, 2025 Windows…
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  • Microsoft Copilot Announcements Today

    By Jorge Pereira • 2023-09-21
    Interest in AI related topics: check out my AI Series Learnings Page Today Microsoft announced that in the next Windows release 23H2 on September 26 will contain Windows Copilot baked in.. During the same event they announced that Microsoft 365 Copilot will be generally available starting November 1, 2023. This will get interesting now… Announcing…
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  • What to do with PCs that are Not Windows 11 compatible?

    By Jorge Pereira • 2023-09-17
    Window 10 is expiring. The hardware you have on those devices may be very good so what options do you have to continue to use the HARDWARE?
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  • ServiceNow and Its Growing Significance

    By Jorge Pereira • 2023-09-15
    The ServiceNow platform has long held a prominent position in the IT service management domain, often associated with terms like “ticketing tool” or “support tool.” However, a significant shift occurred several years ago when ServiceNow recognized the potential to extend its platform beyond IT service management, adapting it for diverse business areas within the enterprise….
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