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Lots of thoughts, ramblings and stories / Many topics on my mind over the years!
A while back I wrote I am the sum of my parts which explains my many dimensions.

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Buckle up AppVirt drivers! Microsoft has just released a set of "hands-on labs" for those of us that need to Read more
Things one should know about the new Exchange 2007 service pack with links to everything required to successfully upgrade your Read more
I attended a Microsoft TS2 event yesterday, and I'm currently preparing a report for my colleagues on what was announced Read more
This has been reported widely across the blogosphere, but if you haven't yet linked this page, and you use Microsoft Read more
Best Practice Alert – did you folks in the app-virtusphere know that Office 2k7 was not initially designed for virtualization? Read more
A follow-up to my article on Microsoft Deployment: Michael Niehaus, BDD developer and all-around cool guy wrote a "from-the-horses-mouth" history Read more
Microsoft recently released an updated version of the SysInternals AutoRun tool, which is absolutely in my daily toolbox when troubleshooting Read more
Microsoft recently updated and renamed its Business Desktop Deployment Solution Accelerator and as of a short time ago, Microsoft Deployment Read more
While I've not finished parsing it, Tarry Singh's article caught my eye. I don't normally read all of the links Read more
During a client-call yesterday, once again, we heard the “very many challenges” that data centers have with all of the Read more
Doing some research this week, I ran into a website called which is a company that provides server-based software Read more
VMWare has recently purchased Thinstall. This puts some heavy muscle behind one of SoftGrid/AppVirt's competitors. One can only speculate what Read more
Greetings, everyone! We're the Infrastructure Optimization team at Getronics, and we've decided to start a blog. After years of internal Read more does it again ! A quick follow-up  to my December 29, 2007 posting , Sony/BMG has joined the bandwagon Read more
I was in Washington, DC this week and had the chance to take sometime to visit the Smithsonian Museums...  It was Read more
Doing some research this week, I ran into a website called   which is a company that provides server-based software installations Read more
Couple of  years ago, we had a fantastic trip to Costa Rica.   Although I have been there many times, Read more
Very Interesting to see the latest announcement from on Dec 27 in which they told the world that "Warner Read more
Wow - It has been quite a while since I posted to this site. It has been 6 months of Read more
By Jorge Pereira and Rob West Originally published as a white paper for Kennedy Consulting on January 2007 Continuation of:  Read more
By Jorge Pereira and Sean Kennedy, Kennedy Consulting Originally published as a white paper for Kennedy Consulting on December 2006 Read more
Instant Messaging (IM) has quietly crept in behind the corporate firewall as employees responding to different pressures – personal or Read more
Back in 1998 I did an e-commerce presentation regarding how important branding is across every step of the purchasing cycle Read more
Just a small pause to reminisce about the future we are heading into.... During a client-call yesterday we heard the Read more
My goal with this article is to  give a high-level overview of intranets: what they are, how they are used, Read more
Most people I talk to want to implement Application Virtualization to improve internal operations. Refreshingly, the conversation has been shifting Read more
Thin is in again - but with a twist... You don't have to be thin, just clean .... For a Read more
Ok - so I have chosen to begin my blog. This is your first post. Wow! - Iit is hard Read more