Users Adoption Management

The value of the platform is not really fully realized until a certain level of feature adoption is obtained, and that is always a moving target BECAUSE new and improved features are always being introduced. I’ve said it many times before, and it is hard for users to keep up with the constant changes in the Software as a Services (SaaS) model.

The success of the Microsoft 365 platform is associated with how much the users actually use the features available within the different tools.  End user awareness and education are critical to extracting and unlocking the full value out of the platform. Change and Adoption Management at the user level, now that we are working remotely or in hybrid more, have become incredible important.

Keeping up with changes requires a Program level approach.

Microsoft has started to formalize a Capabilities Maturity Model for the operations of Microsoft 365

Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 – Introduction | Microsoft Docs

The Microsoft 365 platform is vast and changes rapidly, but business needs are common and slower. The Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 attempts to concentrate on defining a set of business competencies, that resonate with Microsoft 365 yet underpin real business activities. Together, the documents create a set of tools, not just information. These should allow organizations to figure out where they are in any function or department and what ‘better’ entails. Not only should the Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 not be about features, but it shouldn’t be just about IT either; so we it uses common language that all sorts of business roles can understand so that everyone can use the model.

In developing a maturity model for Microsoft 365 we aimed to create a toolkit which follows a set of principles:

  • Non-partisan, i.e. informed by but not driven by today’s features in any specific platform
  • Led by business needs rather than technology features
  • Identifies key business *and- technical competencies
  • Enables organizations to evaluate the current state in a systematic and consistent way
  • Applicable to various roles in the organization

This will become much more important for enterprises as we move forward. Stay tuned for much more on this!

Side note:

I am very proud of the ability and success our team at Dell Technologies Services has been doing in helping customers in this area for a long time.

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