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  • JORGEP041: Happy Fall Allergy Time

    JORGEP041: Happy Fall Allergy Time

    A life update of since my last podcast for a very busy in the last couple of months.

  • JORGEP040:  Updates 2022001:Aug 2022-

    JORGEP040: Updates 2022001:Aug 2022-

    New Episode (#40)of jorgep Podcast: Updates Aug 2022 0:00 Intro0:18 Inspiration for video1:08 The Power of Limitations2:24 Becoming an Artist4:25 Family Proud5:00 New Family Member7:59 Back to the Beach13:13 Closing logos great inspirational video by @Laura BC where she talks about limitations…This NEW Approach to Photography Will Change Your Career FOREVER!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0Kz6GnWmHo 2022001:Aug 2022- First time […]

  • YouTube Story – Perseverance

    YouTube Story – Perseverance

    I just finished watching a new (to me) awesome video in the YouTube Hook channel about the story of YouTube titled “How YouTube Was Made” It was so good that I had to post something about it… Even though I have heard some of this before- this video tells the entire story – the good […]

  • JORGEP039 – Updates 2021002: April 5-

    JORGEP039 – Updates 2021002: April 5-

    New Episode of jorgep – Updates before entering summer 0:00 Intro 0:28 So very sorry to hear about YouTube influencer: Lee MacMillan passing. Her Channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfI68n_SgzODR6tTuy7uq-w Her original Max and Lee Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLkUBpw-hgIoHtI5owanaBA Very very sad… 1:57 We got our second vaccine! 2:15 My fist handshake in 11 months 2:41 Returning to Doodling […]

  • JORGEP038: I am back (the last 12 months)

    JORGEP038: I am back (the last 12 months)

    I am back. After over 2 years I am returning to vlogging. So much to tell. So many stories not shared. Sorry about that! In this episode I give you a brief update on the past year of my life, the pandemic year. Crazy how the world changed in just one year! 2021001 The audio […]

  • JORGEP037: Remembering My Mom (Maru)

    JORGEP037: Remembering My Mom (Maru)

    Mom passed away unexpectedly  early this week. She will be greatly missed. No words.

  • JORGEP036: Costa Rica Visit 2018

    JORGEP036: Costa Rica Visit 2018

    In this episode, I tell a couple of stories from my latest visit to Costa Rica .

  • JORGEP035: Crafting with my Mom

    JORGEP035: Crafting with my Mom

    Spend time with my mother in her crafting workshop and tell a couple of funny stories. Along the way I find out she was a video editor back in the day. Very cool!

  • JORGEP034: Caught Myself Planning

    JORGEP034: Caught Myself Planning

    A quick recording made at the airport talking about keeping (or not) my airline status. WHY?

  • JORGEP033: Travellers Talk

    JORGEP033: Travellers Talk

    In this episode I talked about my trip to the east-coast, millennials, the Hummer brand, and other topics. Hope you enjoy!

  • JORGEP032: Fall Day/Return from Vacation

    JORGEP032: Fall Day/Return from Vacation

    Just returned from vacation and arrived into a beautiful fall day… My thoughts on catching up with email after being offline for a few days.

  • JORGEP030:  Stepping It Up – Now on YouTube!

    JORGEP030: Stepping It Up – Now on YouTube!

    On this. my 30th episode of  this podcast, I step out of my comfort zone to introduce something new.: my YouTube Channel –  Yes I am going into video while I continue to publish the audio version!   Check out podcast!

  • JORGEP017: YouTube and Despacito

    JORGEP017: YouTube and Despacito

    I have been using YouTube for a very long time – What an incredible resource it is!   The impact of it worldwide  astonishing.   My thoughts on it and its connection to one of my favorite videos is included.