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  • 31Posts.com  Comes To An End

    31Posts.com Comes To An End

    Today,  September 6, 2017   we are closing 31posts.com It is never easy to close a project you have been involved in… In the past year, there are a number of applications that have come out that handle social media schedules and publishing that have  the same or better feature set that 31Post was targeting. […]

  • Launching a SaaS application….

    Launching a SaaS application….

    It is interesting.  Even though we have been using the app for about 12 months (and I am loving it) it has taken a lot of effort to get it to a point where we feel comfortable launching an a service for others to use. It doesn’t have to be “right”, and it will never be perfect, […]

  • Social Media Scheduling Tools Can Be Expensive

    Social Media Scheduling Tools Can Be Expensive

    While few business owners question whether or not the convenience and additional exposure granted by social media scheduling ( See blog post: Scheduling Social Media Content is Best Practice )is worth it, the cost of many of the “big name” scheduling services (e.g. Buffer, Meetedgar, Hootsuite) is beginning to become prohibitive. While it’s still possible […]

  • Support Forum Rules

    Support Forum Rules

    31Posts Support Forum Rules The rules are short and simple 31Posts provides this forum space to support our user community.     Only topics related to our application are allowed. Treat other members with the respect they deserve. This should go without saying, but treat others like you would like to be treated ! The […]

  • Scheduling Social Media Content Is Best Practice

    Scheduling Social Media Content Is Best Practice

    Today, having an established social media presence is no longer optional; if you want your business to survive and thrive, it’s absolutely necessary to be active on social media. Social media content must be of high quality, interesting, insightful, relevant, and above all else, updated regularly; with so many competing voices cluttering up the digital […]

  • 31Post YouTube Channel Created

    31Post YouTube Channel Created

    Last night we created  our own 31Post YouTube Channel. Not a lot of content in there yet. The first  two pieces we have include: * Promo Video – https://youtu.be/8dvVU66WfFw * Added Demo Video: https://youtu.be/VBSf5zADlls We plan to posts many small how-to-videos as well as much more… Side note:  With every new YouTube Channel, a Google+ […]

  • Adding 31Posts Forum and Blog

    Adding 31Posts Forum and Blog

    Today we launched two new areas getting ready for a wider release… forum.31posts.com – a forum section to enable users post comments, ask questions and /or seek support blog.31posts – If you are reading this – you are already here! We’ve had many blog entries relating to this product over in our company’s site (enterprisal.com […]

  • v1q9- Released

    v1q9- Released

    2016-02-15 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1q9 Changed Application Name from eKalendaro to 31Posts (new URL: http://31Posts.com ) Added new logos, urls, footers/headers and such. Added forum.31posts.com (using https://github.com/punbb/punbb ) added blog.31posts.com (using https://www.bludit.com/ – same authoer as http://www.nibbleblog.com/) Added new promo video YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/PUH7zPebE8o

  • v1q8 – Released

    016-02-05 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1q8 Replaced words in menu with ICONS REST httpClient Interface fix after changes. UpdateFiles: Add a system message to the top of the header if ADMIN logged in. Rename adminDevTools to adminTools.php created dbcreds.php to hold database settings (moved out of db.php) if version.txt is not in CONTROL SOURCE, […]

  • 31Posts Chrome Extension

    31Posts Chrome Extension

    We are finally at a point where the core application is at a point where we can create a few aids for our users… In order to make it easy for you to collect data to share, we have released a Chrome Extension for 31Posts. Once installed you can quickly send the current tab data […]

  • v1q6 – Released

    2016-01-24 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1q6 timestamp for all files changed to 1/26/2016 1:31p 2016-01-24 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1q5 Ability to receive contributions from other sources REST API (Secure) created Chrome extention for ekalendaro (with ability to place up to 3 different instances) Ability to add from RSS news feed articles Based […]

  • Getting Started with 31Posts.com

    Welcome to 31Post.com and thank for your registration! You have probably seen the overview video of the system, but if not, please check it out at:“31Posts Overview Demo” — A Brief Overview of 31Posts Application We are delighted you have decided to try our system, and would like to make the on-boarding process as simple […]

  • New Application Name, Logo and Site

    New Application Name, Logo and Site

      Based on end-user feedback, we decided to rename the application The new name is 31Posts.com which is simple to remember and has more meaning… A new site and corresponding logo has been created We are still on the closed beta trials, and we have received great feedback. Stay tune for more news.. Thank you!

  • v1q2 – Released

    2016-01-04 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1q2 DaySummary: Filter by contributor / Channel are currently mutually exclusive (one resets the other ALL) Need them to work together. DaySummary: Number of entries in Summary does not reflect filter list. Need them to reflect the correct numbers when filtered. Day Summary: Add a Clear filters option to […]

  • v1p9 – Released

    2015-12-28 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to 1p9 (skipped 1p8) Added permissions per user per channel. Added to front end calendar and filters Enable Access based on Channel. A user may have access to only some channels Admins have access to all channels Fixed Bug: When Filtering on Contributor, and click on a date in calendar, […]

  • v1p5 – Release

    2015-09-24 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to 1p5 FIXED: Issue with Notes saving Added Promotional Slug Option (currently set to on ) need to move to options UpdateFiles: delete files UpdateFiles: backup of updated/deleted files Add New Entry off the Calendar page should close when SAVE and refresh the calendar 2015-08-28 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to […]

  • 31Posts: Twitter Channel Setup

    Connect to Twitter: Twitter Channel Set-up 1. Register your site as an application on Twitter’s application registration page If you’re not currently logged in to Twitter, log-in to the account you want associated with this site Your application name cannot include the word “Twitter.” Your Application Description can be anything. The WebSite and Callback URL should be […]

  • What is an Editorial Calendar?

    What is an Editorial Calendar?

    An editorial calendar is an arrangement and listing of pre-planned themes and associated content used by bloggers, businesses, publishers and other groups of people for the purpose of managing publication in media outlets. These include blogs, newspapers, magazines, email newsletters and almost all social media outlets. The main purpose of editorial calendars is to enable […]

  • 31Posts: Tumblr Channel Setup

    Connecting 31Posts to a Tumblr account   1. Log into Tumblr, using the account you want to allow 31posts integration.   2. Register your site as an application on Tumblr application registration page Click on the Register Application Button Enter  application name:   31posts Integration Enter  Application Website : 31Posts.com Leave App Store URL and Google Play Store URL:  BLANK (empty) Under […]

  • How to get Twitter API Keys

    In order to allow an application to post entries on your behalf to a Twitter account you will need to get the appropriate credentials.  You will need to have access to the desired Twitter account.    The following four tokens / credentials are needed: ‘oauth_access_token’ => Access token ‘oauth_access_token_secret’ => Access token secret ‘consumer_key’ => API […]

  • 31Posts: WordPress Channel Setup

    Connect to a WordPress Site: WordPress Channel Set-up What would you need? User-Name and password  with authoring rights for the desired target WordPress Site Admin rights to 31Posts   Summary One of the most used features of 31Posts is the ability to create and scheduled WordPress content.     This article explains how to setup a WordPress […]

  • eKalendaro Integration Testing

    Testing eKalendaro Application Today I am testing the integration of eKalendaro with my blog. This is my a test. http://ekalendaro.com 2015-01-27T02:21:28-06:00

  • v1n6 – Release

    2015-01-27 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1n6 (beta) FIXED: Posting to WordPress blog appears in the future Corrected COMPLETED: In viewEntry, ability to enter a tittle for the post (WordPress and Tumblr – Ignore in Twitter COMPLETED: On IE11: calendar days are too tall/ display box off (Working on FF & Chrome!) 2015-01-25 23:55 COMPLETED […]

  • v1n – Release

    2015-01-18 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1n (ALPHA) Reorganized Admin menu. Added Tutorial / Overview Pages Separated bitly parameters from functions into include file. Allow include file Removed top ekalendaro logo for instances. Added Powered by eKalendaro in footer Added a Global Admin Site (Not inside the app)

  • v1m – Release

    2015-01-13 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1m (ALPHA) COMPLETED:Added WordPress channel posting routine. COMPLETED: Ability to shorten the URL. (as entered) (will be used to track click counts) COMPLETED:Added Bit.ly URL Shortner for all URLs. Enabled: After an entry has been published do not allow to edit/delete FIXED: Private notes should only be seeing by […]

  • v1k – Release

    2015-01-11 23:55 COMPLETED ======================= Updated to rev: 1k (ALPHA) Fixed backup routine ( mySQLDUMP was not working) fixed issue with database backup routine fixed bug:with todo and system file edit// Added demo version code handling fixed bug: Admin: Edit History File and System Message: Once saved, it goes back to “parameter not found” — Should […]

  • v1f – Release

    2015-01-08 23:55 ————————————- Version 1f released Settled on a name: eKalendaro Multiple small incremental format improvements Multiple improvements to core functionality Added available channel Links Added logic for demo mode.

  • v1h – Release

    2014-12-23 02:00 ————————————- Version v1h released Multiple improvements and bug fixes Added Terms of Service & Privacy policy

  • v1g1 – Release

    2014-12-18 23:59 ————————————- Version upgraded to: v1g1 Multiple upgrades to core functionality

  • v1d – Released

    2014-11-24 15:29 ————————————- v1d released . Core functionality in place. – Lots of work having fun geeking out!

  • v1a – Released

    v1a – Released

    2014-10-13 15:50 ========================== v1a Relased System Staged.

  • Social Media Publishing Can be Painful

    Social Media Publishing Can be Painful

    This is what started it all — A rant on my own experience… What a pain! – I manage  3 different WordPress blogs, 5 different twitter accounts, 3 Tumblr blogs and 3 Facebook pages. Each of those channels had a different topic and audience.  Every time I need to do something, I have to log […]

  • Welcome to 31Posts

    Welcome to 31Posts

    This is a placeholder blog post to start it all.! More to come soon…