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A while back I wrote I am the sum of my parts which explains my many dimensions.

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4 Monitors on Laptop

I have the need to attach 4 monitors to my Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 laptop and I came across a bit of a challenge which I did not know about… Recording this to help others in case they come across this issue. Not all laptops are alike, but like many laptops out there, like the…
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YouTube Story – Perseverance

I just finished watching a new (to me) awesome video in the YouTube Hook channel about the story of YouTube titled “How YouTube Was Made” It was so good that I had to post something about it… Even though I have heard some of this before- this video tells the entire story – the good…
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WordPress 6.0 onwards!

Although this is being touted as an incremental update, the sheer number of fixes, updates and new features, not to mention the “6.0” name, make it a big update to me. ( also known with codename “Arturo” ) Yep – just finished updating all of the sites I manage — easy and straight forward. (always…
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WordPress Backup Tools (2022)

It is time to re-evaluate the backup workflow and tools I use for my websites and some that I support. I do this every couple of years hoping something has changed to make it better. With the release of WordPress 6.0 this week, I needed to backup each site before updating them, so this forced…
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File Explorer Replacement

With the latest news of the new File Explorer for Windows 11, I got to wonder about other features and File Explorer replacements are out there and was very surprised with my findings. One of the new capabilities Microsoft is talking about in their File Explorer app is the multiple tabs feature which is a…
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Weeping for the Ukraine People

It has been 2 months now since Russia invaded the Ukraine and the atrocities, pictures are just beyond words. Every day I troll the news from around the world hoping for some sort hope ahead, but so far nothing… I watch the commentaries, the explanations and consequences ahead ( food related ) and I come…
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Best Shared Hosting Plans

Every couple of years I revisit some of the available shared hosting plans in the marketplace. I have sites on every one of the short list – and it depends on the type of site/customer requirements that I make my decision as to where to place it. The short list: Hosting Company What I like…
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My First Flight in 16+ months!

Following my blog post: My first in-person presentation post pandemic experience , I am writing this post at the Delta SkyClub in Seattle SeaTac Airport. I took my first flight today in over 16 months. It was not a business trip, but a personal one. From Phoenix to Seattle and back later in the day….
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New PBS Series: The Future of Work

The New PBS series: The Future of Work is very good and very current. We have been talking about these trends for a while in my articles series Work Beyond tomorrow , but the pandemic has fast / hyper forward so much…. Many fundamental changes happening “live” right now. Good post-pandemic / current series from…
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First In Person Presentation

Like most of us, for the past 18+ months, I have been doing virtual meetings and presentations, but a days ago, I did my first in-person presentation to a room full of people at a partner conference. – It was an event held near my house, so I did not have to travel. The experience…
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Updating My SSD Drive

I have done this a couple of times in the past, but I always forget what I did, and end up researching it again…. The funny part is that I end up in the same place (I think) So about a year or so ago, I bought a new laptop, with a small SSD drive…
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Windows 365 Cloud PC

On June 24, 2021 Microsoft announced WIndows 11. Last week during their Partner conference, Ignite, Microsoft announced Windows 365. It will be launched on August 2, 2021. Securely stream your Windows experience—including your personalized apps, content, and settings—from the Microsoft cloud to any device with your Windows 365 Cloud PC. Windows 365 is a cloud…
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My Current Thoughts on NFTs

I started my journey into understanding non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) just a few months back ( My First NFT )and have been learning ever since. I have been learning, researching, investigating and testing how it works, how to sell, where to sell, and how to sell. As an artist ( ) this is very interesting to…
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Introducing PaposoArt

I want to introduce you to my father’s new digital art website and brand: His digital art style is abstracts and they are full of color and movement… I really like them and find them inspirational! In fact, they are not always what they seem at first he said… – And he is right!…
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A Second Renaissance Ahead

I wrote a bit about this already in my previous posts What are NFTs and My First NFTs Up until now, physical goods (paintings, sculptures, drawings, music sheet, autographs) were the only things that can be traded, auctioned sold and bought. You would put it the purchased item on your wall, bank safe, on a…
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Sold My first NFT

I am so excited! I just found out that I sold my first NFT !! No it was not millions, or thousands, or hundreds or tens of dollars — give me a but please give me a break 🙂 I am in someone’s collection now 🙂 HOW COOL IS THAT? It was not one of…
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My first NFTs

My First NFTs: About two weeks ago I posted a blog called What are NFTs, in which I attempted to explain the background associated with non-fungile tokens (NFTs). By now you may be asking where is my first NFTs, how did I get it and how much did it cost me? Disclaimer: As you probably…
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Better Virtual Presentations

Last week I did a quick lunch and learn to my team at work about how to do better virtual presentations that capture the attention of the audience. In a world of endless Zoom and Teams meetings, we owe it to ourselves and our customers to have better more engaging presentations. Lets face it, during…
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6 year span: A lifetime

Outside a couple of friends and a family member’s birthdays, March 20th does not hold any particular significance in my life. I think that changed today, thanks to Facebook memories. It was a Saturday morning – a day like any other in a COVID-world, and we were getting our day going. My back was hurting…
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Your Future Lies Inside You

I’ve always subscribed to this philosophy, but when this popped up a few weeks ago on one of my social media feed I snapped it. I really needed to hear it…. I could not find it again, and I do not know who created or if this is something that is copyrighted (just let me…
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