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A while back I wrote I am the sum of my parts which explains my many dimensions.

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New Site Launched:

Very happy to announce that I have launched a new site! DayScheduler is an intuitive web-based application to help individuals or teams provide visibility of daily availability of a resource (person or thing) and offer users the ability to request booking. Specifically designed for people like me, always on  the go, it can also be used…
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fetchTweets Web-App

fetchTweets allows you to retrieve tweets in HTML table format fetchTweets is a web-based application I wrote in PHP to create a backup of my tweets on my blog. I later modified it so anyone can use it from the web. A PHP script retrieves (“fetch”)  the tweets from an account and returns the  results in…
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2017 Summer of Crazy

Probably too early to post as we still have 15 days to go, but what a summer this one has been!  As far as I can remember, I have never seen anything like this..     Truly Mother Nature is showing up big time this year: Hurricane Harvey  –   Texas Floods  – $176B in losses Monsoon…
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Today,  September 6, 2017   we are closing It is never easy to close a project you have been involved in… In the past year, there are a number of applications that have come out that handle social media schedules and publishing that have  the same or better feature set that 31Post was targeting….
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Walter Mossberg Retires on Charlie Rose

Walter Mossberg ,  THE GO-TO technology columnist for many years, is retiring.      He announced his retirement  in early June 2017 and Charlie Rose interviewed him not only on his life as a journalist but they got to talk about the future.  Excellent conversation.   A truly accomplished and down-to-earth person.      Impeccable journey,…
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Home Security Ideas

I want to share some ideas for protecting your home that we use ourselves…  We have an alarm system.     THE most important thing is to post the “this house is protected by… ” signs in very visible areas of the the back front and side of the house —   Back when we were…
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US Treasury Secretary Unreal

This past week I ran across an article in the news that made my mind melt (I thought it was a April fool’s joke – but it was not!!)  —  my tweet follows:  I have always been in the business of implementing technology to help automate / improve processes within businesses, and have written a number…
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Sunrises and Sunsets

Hard to believe that so many people in the world  simply sleep through sunrise or miss sunsets completely missing them.    One of my favorite things to do is to wake wake up early and catch the sunrise.  Although I enjoy sunsets, and I try to notice them every day, I am partial to sunrises…..
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Organic Fractals

I love to go to different street markets – You see so much in such a compact place it is  fun.  It is a great opportunity to take a few pictures because there is always something new to notice..  This past week we stopped by the Pike Place Market in Seattle, and as I was…
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Travels 2016 – A look back

It was a busy 2016 for me.   Like every year, lots of travel (airplanes, hotels, cars, and conference rooms) .  It is always good to visit customers  and talk about the latest tech trends with them face to face.  I love to do that, and I am lucky to do it. It was about 61…
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The Value Proposition of a Platform: Microsoft Win10/Office365/EM+S

[ Update 20161004: I encourage you to watch Brad Anderson’s keynote session at Microsoft Ignite 2016 – Simply IMPRESSIVE!  ] As I have written before,  technology management has made an incredible shift over the past few years (maybe the last 3-5 years).    Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service are now the common conversations in most…
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