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JORGEP035: Crafting with my Mom

Spend time with my mother in her crafting workshop and tell a couple of funny stories. Along the way I find out she was a video editor back in the day. Very cool!

JORGEP031: Birthday Thoughts

I turned 55  this week — That means I begin my 56th year on earth !  — Just a short episode to reflect on the day, and thank everyone for they kindness in reaching out and wishing me a happy day!

JORGEP030: Stepping It Up – Now on YouTube!

On this. my 30th episode of  this podcast, I step out of my comfort zone to introduce something new.: my YouTube Channel –  Yes I am going into video while I continue to publish the audio version!   Check out podcast!

JORGEP029: Met My Parallel Self

in this episode, I talk about a person I met that is doing what I imagined I would be doing if I was not doing what I am doing today.       It was a very cool experience talking to him.      My parallel self!

JORGEP027: Conference Season

Like most industries, mine, the high tech/technology industry, has its season of physical conferences. The big ones bring 10 – 15 thousand people, while the smaller one probably around 1,000 or so..    But does it make sense to attend just because of content anymore?    Listen to this episode for my thoughts on this topic!

JORGEP026: Travel Day, Flight Delays

Yesterday, like most Mondays, was my commuting day. I usually head out the airport and then take a plane to wherever I am scheduled to be that week. As far as commuting days yesterday as bad as they get. In this episode my commute yesterday.

JORGEP025: Computers with People Problems

For years I have described myself as a technology consultant. It started to sound a bit dated and dull and, unless you were involved in high tech, not very interesting. So a while back I changed it it a bit. Depending on the audience.  Listen to this episode to find out where I got my idea.

JORGEP024: iPhone Upgrade

This past weekend I had to upgrade my smart phone. I had to upgrade because the latest upgrade of the Operating rendered the phone super slow.    My old phone: iPhone 6 plus .  The OS:   iOS11   It was an unexpected expense.

JORGEP023: Football Not Futbol

I grew up with futbol (soccer) but over the years I have learned to appreciate American Football  –  What a great game it is.   I think I enjoy it more than soccer now.     My brief thoughts on the topic in the episode

JORGEP021: Work Beyond Tomorrow

In this episode I talk about what amazing technological times we live in and how mind-blowing the social implications and changes just around the corner are. I also mentioned a couple of create resources to research more about it.

JORGEP020: Vacation Reflections

Early October 2017 we spent our vacation time in the greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos.     I  thought I knew what it was going to be like, but I was very surprised.

JORGEP019: Introvert/Extrovert

The general consensus is that Extroverts are outgoing and introverts are shy. Well the truth is a it different and I talk about it in this short podcast.

JORGEP018: Old Fashion Dentist

Healthcare is a big topic of conversation these days.    I consider myself lucky to have a young old fashion dentist that does not want to join the fast pace, and prefers quality of life.

JORGEP017: YouTube and Despacito

I have been using YouTube for a very long time – What an incredible resource it is!   The impact of it worldwide  astonishing.   My thoughts on it and its connection to one of my favorite videos is included.

JORGEP016: Waikiki Feeling

I have the privilege to travel often to Hawaii for business, specifically, Honolulu, Oahu.   The weather and the beach scenes are always very nice, but as of late, Waikiki feels a bit different now.   

JORGEP015: Doodles and Coding

When a project is complete or it has reached the end, you need to retire it.   I reflect on what have I learned from it, and gratefully, proceed ahead.

JORGEP014: Starstruck Not

I rarely confess to being starstruck, but on this day in Denver, I felt excited and totally giggly.   It was funny and it took me back memory lane to remember a great and fun but surreal time in my life long ago. 

JORGEP013: Texas Floods & Houston

East Texas is in the middle of a never before seen (historic) type of natural disaster.   Houston Metro area is particularly affected.   Texans are strong.  People are helping each other.   

JORGEP010: Lost in Communication

In this episode I talk about how modern communications have affected the story telling involved after someone goes on a long trip.   The magic of story telling is lost a bit.

JORGEP008: What is a Good Movie

Who does not enjoy a good movie?   I certainly do like when I see something and then have a conversation about it.   I think a good movie provokes lots of conversation!

JORGEP007: Yard Work Is Not For Me

I have never been a fan of yard work. Even as a kid, I was not into it. Keyboards and screens are my thing. I do it, because I have it, but in the middle of June when allergies are high, I really do not like it.

JORGEP004: 30 Years

My wife and I have been married 30 years today.    It has been a Journey! 
In this episode I briefly reflect on those 30 years, and how lucky I am to have found her.