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  • AI Related Videos This Week

    AI Related Videos This Week

    The conversation about Artificial Intelligence (AI), ChatGPT, AI-Bots and such is absolutely everywhere. I was at a social meeting the other day, and the topic was raised. It interesting that this is a conversation in the minds of the general public now. It is a conversation. that has many legs and many view points. I […]

  • Tweets for January – June 2020

    Tweets for January – June 2020

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC)     Tweet 2020-06-27     Micosoft to close all retail stores https://t.co/Tf48NOz6ov 2020-06-24     Best show on TV. #YellowstoneTV Great start of Season 3. https://t.co/cealsRfy6q 2020-06-12     Missing this view… . . . #doodleart #doodling #drawingdoodles #sketchdaily #daily_sketch #sketch_daily… https://t.co/AkCNASGzVM 2020-06-12     When one is #feelingblue – Make #brownies ! https://t.co/JhugBdIrXA 2020-06-05     3am and for some reason I find […]

  • Tweets for August-December 2019

    Tweets for August-December 2019

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC)     Tweet 2019-12-31     With less than 10 working days to the Windows 7 end of support it is still visible out here! #windows7 #win7… https://t.co/wOUng4oOuA 2019-12-31     Wow!! https://t.co/uqjruHhRMn 2019-12-31     RT @nabeelmahmood: If you’ve been holding off upgrading, then it’s time to […]

  • Tweets for January – July 2019

    Tweets for January – July 2019

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC)     Tweet 2019-08-03     Post: Made it to Rattlesnake Ledge #NorthBend #Outdoors https://t.co/N1l5lDv2wG https://t.co/JeOMDVH5km 2019-08-01     The scale of the Microsoft platform is just unreal… #moderndesktop #workforcetransformation #windows10 https://t.co/wXpepgxMmx 2019-08-01     Dinner on the go tonight. #biztravel #roadwarrior #deltaskyclub https://t.co/Yn2NrL0rFS 2019-07-25     A new blog post I published yesterday – Hope you enjoy! #iwork4dell #DellTechnologies https://t.co/uBD3xH0xXz 2019-07-20     Very […]

  • Tweets for July – December 2018

    Tweets for July – December 2018

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC) Tweet 2018-12-31     Thankful for a great 2018. Looking forward to 2019. Best wishes to all ! https://t.co/RlbE1ckCyA 2018-12-31     Love this #blockchain #decisiontree #cybersecurity #blockchainhype Source: https://t.co/WTWIY4XXKj https://t.co/Ehg0ou8rLy 2018-12-30     Just a #moss photo… Happy December 30th! https://t.co/i8QefirWg1 2018-12-28     How to Get More #Retweets on Your Twitter Posts #Wordpress #socialmedia https://t.co/kxQSFd8Xl3 2018-12-26     Last trip of the year. […]

  • Tweets for January- June 2018

    Tweets for January- June 2018

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow:   Date:Time (UTC)     Tweet 2018-06-27     Scaling the Swiss Alps on trains and trams #bucketlist #frequentflier https://t.co/urbQ8tpdMZ 2018-06-26     Great article: Default to progress! #waas #staycurrent #Windows10 https://t.co/z5iVnz1fWQ 2018-06-26     RT @rspruijt: Microsoft Publishes Massive 948-Page PDF With Every Windows Terminal Command You Could Ever […]

  • Tweets for June – December 2017

    Tweets for June – December 2017

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow:   Date:Time (UTC)     Tweet       2017-12-24     Wishing you a good SANTA visit tonight and a great Xmas Day! #xmas2017 #ChristmasEve2017 #roadwarriors https://t.co/BCXhAaicIa 2017-12-20     New Episode: JORGEP27: Conference Season #Conference #Podcast https://t.co/VYozUqk9dj 2017-12-13     My view this morning…. who remembers the #crystalcathedral […]

  • Tweets for January – June 2017

    Tweets for January – June 2017

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC)     Tweet 2017-06-30     #ai @workbeytomorrow #futuretech https://t.co/IWNGOliXTX 2017-06-29     Podcast: Fourth Industrial Revolution – Davos 2017 #4IR #futureofwork https://t.co/BPfY6GGvwN 2017-06-29     Good article: #futureofwork #workbeyondtomorrow #4IR https://t.co/FW0qUTRZNm 2017-06-29     Windows AutoPilot – Delivering the Modern IT promise with Windows 10 #Windows10 #desktop #MDM […]

  • Tweets for November – December 2016

    Tweets for November – December 2016

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow:   Date:Time (UTC)     Tweet       2016-12-31     Thank you 2016. What a year! Best wishes to all in the new year #happy2017 #feliz2017… https://t.co/h6V4UgVNYP 2016-12-25     Happy Holidays everyone! https://t.co/CEB9bnNrH8 2016-12-23     Default Mailbox size increasing to 100gb for E3/E5 #office365 #o365 https://t.co/dIVLjDdd6C […]

  • Tweets for August  – October 2016

    Tweets for August – October 2016

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC)   Tweet 2016-10-31     Worth Checking: Latest #Citrix VDI Handbook #VDI https://t.co/SlfHR1JMuA 2016-10-30     How to extend the SCCM hardware inventory to report on #UEFI state #Windows10 https://t.co/8ADboh622h 2016-10-28     Good Comparison: Look at Microsoft Azure and Amazon costs for Citrix and VMware deployments […]

  • Microsoft Ignite 2016 – Win10 / EMS Sessions

    Microsoft Ignite 2016 – Win10 / EMS Sessions

      I have extracted a list of the Windows 10 / EMS and related sessions with links to the respective videos  online. Once again – THANK YOU Microsoft for publishing these to the folks that could not make t it the Microsoft Ignite 2016 (Atlanta) conference. If you have one that I may have missed, please […]

  • Twitter Archives for 2015

    Twitter Archives for 2015

    Below is an archive of the  tweets we generated  in 2015.       Not many we know, but we intent to get better at it.. In the mean time – Enjoy!   Date:Time (UTC)   Tweet 2015-12-31   Good Summary: Cloud Computing – 2015 Year In Review via @ekalendaro https://t.co/xQiE8Zeers 2015-11-30   AWS Cloud Services on Track To Exceed […]

  • Tweets for January – December 2015

    Tweets for January – December 2015

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC)   Tweet 2015-12-31   Michel Roth 2016 Predictions: Important trends that will have a big impact End User Computing in 2016 http://bit.ly/1mVXI4L via  @ekalendaro 2015-12-31   Good Summary: Cloud Computing – 2015 Year In Review  http://bit.ly/1mVY6QK  via @ekalendaro 2015-12-31   10 questions to help you […]

  • Tweets for September to December 2014

    Tweets for September to December 2014

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC)   Tweet 12-28-2014   Good one! Roundup Of Cloud Computing And Enterprise Software Predictions For 2015 http://t.co/si095CEofG 12-24-2014   How to track Santa’s route on Christmas Eve http://t.co/EVaLdenGvq 12-22-2014   Some projects I’m working differently on @Elance: https://t.co/aOD9TLnx9E 12-21-2014   21 tools that will […]

  • Tweets for January to August 2014

    Tweets for January to August 2014

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98) for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC) Tweet 08-30-2014 5 reasons a small Windows tablet might be in your future | PCWorld http://t.co/IIllmzjS8i 08-30-2014 Unexpected: The State Of The Smartphone Market http://t.co/Gx3RTHusjX 08-30-2014 Interesting read: 8 things you didnt know about Shark Tank. http://t.co/LkVY2vJ3sT 08-28-2014 The Most Simple Explanation Of Cloud […]

  • Tweets for May 2013  to December 2013

    Tweets for May 2013 to December 2013

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98)  for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC) Tweet 12-13-2013 Chromecast Gets 10 New Apps, Including Songza, VEVO, And Revision 3 http://t.co/IjC2HKcXyM 12-13-2013 By 2016, Most New IT Spending Will Be In The Cloud http://t.co/yH3B0Hcfj6 12-10-2013 DropBox CEO Drew Houston Explains How To Become A Leader Quickly http://t.co/GEzGREonUb 12-02-2013 This is VERY cool.. http://t.co/GJFNuVZXrh […]

  • Going Paperless: Best Practices for Scanning then Shredding Paper Documents

    Companies that are making the change to a paperless office want to shred the originals and only keep a digital copy. This is an excellent way to archive documents, but you should follow these recommendations to avoid the loss of a document: Before shredding the original paper copy of the document, find the PDF on […]

  • Tweets for April 2013

    Tweets for April 2013

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98)  for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC) Tweet 2013-04-28 17:23:01 Kicking Off a Simpler Era in Office 365 Migrations? — Redmond Channel Partner http://t.co/gkT7NONa0l 2013-04-25 18:33:57 5 Lessons from the Recent WordPress Attack http://t.co/lpwBToRQ3O 2013-04-24 04:01:37 Virtualization Enables BYOD & Delivers IT http://t.co/Uef1YBB5tr 2013-04-23 23:03:48 As BYOD explodes, IT managers learn to cope […]

  • Tweets for March 2013

    Tweets for March 2013

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98)  for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC) Tweet 2013-03-10 17:46:32 CIO Summit 2013: Adapting to Changes Brought about by Consumerization of IT – Mandar Marulkar – CIO India News on | C http://t.co/7nsKvoe8uz 2013-03-08 17:39:55 http://t.co/MtnmC6bwwg Future of the CIO 2013-03-05 15:11:59 Tablets of 2013: Nexus vs. Surface vs. iPad – TechSpot http://t.co/WlEVBmTPmJ […]

  • Tweets for February 2013

    Tweets for February 2013

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98)  for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC) Tweet 2013-02-25 18:13:14 Skype vs Google+ Hangouts, a business perspective http://t.co/U0FjdRn6po 2013-02-23 19:20:58 Cloud Infographic: Cloud Storage 2013 http://t.co/1J5fBBv2F8 2013-02-23 19:19:00 Tablets Take Off In 2012 According To Millennial, With Kindle Fire And iPad Mini Seeing Rapid Growth http://t.co/aDCxEXJrrk 2013-02-23 19:07:54 VMware bundles apps into BYOD […]

  • Tweets for January 2013

    Tweets for January 2013

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98)  for above mentioned period follow: Date:Time (UTC) Tweet 2013-01-30 16:35:04 Who reads ebooks? [infographic] http://t.co/i9DKqX65 2013-01-30 15:34:34 Cloud Services: The quest for cost savings and reduced capex http://t.co/uYyNcInD 2013-01-29 05:59:11 Good Article: http://t.co/fUg1Zrpu 2013-01-28 17:08:36 Five Ways To Win When Serving Local Businesses http://t.co/CtTv2xF6 2013-01-28 16:58:50 Digital Buzz » Infographic: Social Media Statistics […]

  • Tweets for December 2012

    Tweets for December 2012

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98)  for above mentioned period follow: 2012-12-31 01:16:20 Top Five Mobility Lessons Learned In 2012 For CIOs http://t.co/etjRIdYG 2012-12-28 17:20:47 Google News Crumbles, And More 2013 Media Predictions http://t.co/bXHlLyus 2012-12-20 18:33:17 Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation | Video on http://t.co/nkzFgECe http://t.co/vQUY546y 2012-12-20 17:13:34 The importance of the 140 character mission statement http://t.co/ky1BSHhh 2012-12-20 17:08:40 Twitter allows users to […]

  • Going Paperless: Paper Waste Info Chart

    Even with all of our electronics, digital devices and such, paper waste is still tremendous… A single one-terabyte external drive can save as many as 500 million sheets of paper. A 150-page employee manual — pretty massive in real life — takes up less than 7.5% of a four-gigabyte flash drive. An entire filing cabinet’s worth of […]

  • Tweets for November 2012

    Tweets for November 2012

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98)  for above mentioned period follow: 2012-11-30 15:43:31 Start Designing Your Life | #LinkedIn http://t.co/QtmZiijR 2012-11-30 15:41:28 How Richard Branson Became the Million-Follower Man [SLIDESHOW] http://t.co/pfVMkMSc 2012-11-29 18:52:35 Mind blowing infographic charting American money and where it all goes http://t.co/MCJ0sbn3 2012-11-27 17:46:13 http://t.co/nHoWtkJr Online Marketing Trends: The Tablet Buying Guide :Insights ,Trends and Consumerspeak 2012-11-26 17:40:22 http://t.co/oboVfUvh mobile_browser_infographic by techvibes, […]

  • Going Paperless Flowchart

    Sometimes, we just have to tip our hat to other bloggers that have excellent articles they have published on tips and tricks for going paperless..  This one is about a flowchart on how to go paperless! Going paperless is not easy or trivial.  It is a hard  choice!     This is why when we find […]

  • Tweets for September-October 2012

    Tweets for September-October 2012

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98)  for above mentioned period follow: 2012-10-30 02:21:45 Marco Tempest: A cyber-magic card trick like no other http://t.co/9B2fULEy 2012-10-22 05:20:00 New post: New Samsung Chromebook coming to market http://t.co/RiVQ9xOc #chromebook #jorper98 2012-10-16 02:43:07 RT @Shahkaal: RT @PopSci: Remember when the Nobel Prizes used to be inspiring? This year, they’re inspiring mostly snores. http://t.co/p … 2012-10-05 05:53:57 Embrace BYOD, Don’t Shun It, Infinitely […]

  • The Paperless Paradox

    “The dream of going paperless has been a pervasive part of our discourse for years but has yet to materialize.” I bet there are at least 50 articles, right now that you can search for in your browser that start that same way. I bet also that each of these articles offers some revolutionary approach, […]

  • Going Paperless Means Backups

    STOP!!!  If you’ve started the process of going paperless in your home or office you need to stop and ask yourself one question, “since I started going paperless have I backed up any of these new files?”  If the answer to that question is anything but yes, you need to start working on a data […]

  • Paperless: Selecting a Digital Format

    When planning to convert your office from traditional file storage to a paperless office it is important to consider what file format – digital format – will provide the most benefits before you implement anything. When your office is  paperless, it’s important to find a file format that is secure, widely used, publicly available and […]

  • Going Paperless at the Office

    When an office starts to consider going paperless – going paperless at the office – one of the first benefits sited is that they will be able to reduce the cost of purchasing paper to supply their office. What many businesses may not realize is that the true benefits of going paperless in an office […]

  • Going Paperless at Home

    Whether you run a business in your home or you’re a home maker trying to get rid of all those stacks of bills and papers, going to a paperless at  home can not only help you keep better track of your personal files better but can increase the security of your private information and documents. […]

  • What To Go Paperless With?

    In the article, “Going Paperless”  we sited the definition of Paperless, and the fact that with today’s available technology and tools the goal of going paperless has never been more achievable by so many. Let’s discuss now what it may mean to you to you go paperless, and consider considering the two major areas  in […]

  • Benefits of Going Paperless

    There are many benefits to going paperless. Bottom line it will save you time and money. Far less physical space needed Ability to centralize your document repository Greater information security Less liability from lost documents Immense savings in time in searching tasks Enhanced Collaboration

  • Going Paperless at Home/Office: Introduction

    Since the creation of the computer and data storage, people have been making every attempt to transition from their cluttered offices full of paper and rooms (or attics) full of file cabinets into a paperless, streamlined and easy to search environment. As technology has evolved, so has our ability to make the transition into paperless.Whether […]

  • Tweets for August 2012

    Tweets for August 2012

    My Twitter tweets (@jorper98)  for above mentioned period follow: 2012-08-30 01:55:21 Average Household Has 5 Connected Devices, While Some Have 15-Plus – Bloomberg http://t.co/xkAjv6mi 2012-08-29 02:33:45 Windows 8 Tip: Virtualize with Hyper-V http://t.co/1iqV2IJw 2012-08-28 19:08:43 Good tip: How to use LastPass in Windows 8 Metro Internet Explorer (kind of) http://t.co/CIHEq3dD 2012-08-28 12:56:13 Excellent article: Unconfidence: The Essential Ingredient […]

  • Tweets for July 2012

    Tweets for July 2012

    My Twitter tweets for this month follow: 2012-07-29 18:01:53 Lessons from a big iPad enterprise adopter | ITworld http://t.co/Y3zWtZVb 2012-07-23 22:04:03 BYOD: The CIO Catch-22 | Guest Opinions | http://t.co/XIiElcl2 http://t.co/aTwmg09X 2012-07-22 13:10:03 RT @FastCompany: “Encourage critical thinking during meetings.” http://t.co/5crWHnZZ 2012-07-22 10:48:35 Excellent article: Evolution of a Home Page: 37signals Basecamp http://t.co/C9hOrfE7 2012-07-21 06:39:31 Pocket change: Microsoft posts quarterly loss […]

  • TechEd SCCM 2012 Related Sessions

      Microsoft is doing a great job at letting folks that could not attend TechEd 2012  access the great content that was presented.  There is a ton that is changing… exciting times for sure!!  They have made most sessions available on their MSDN Channel9  site which you can browse, search, download the video and the […]

  • Tweets for June 2012

    Tweets for June 2012

    My tweets & reads for June 2012 follow: Date:Time (UTC) Tweet 2012-06-28 18:21:27 Good! — The Supreme Court of the United States upholds reforming health insurance in the USA – http://t.co/8jghIWq6 2012-06-26 06:42:49 The state of the economy: USA and World. Where are we heading? http://t.co/sN9kotXB 2012-06-26 05:14:09 Excellent report on the state of USA […]

  • Tweets for May 2012

    Tweets for May 2012

    My Twitter tweets and reads for May 2012 follow: Date:Time (UTC) Tweet 2012-05-30 15:06:28 Interesting Comments! — http://t.co/GqTItpdK 2012-05-30 13:30:50 Good tool: Scheduled sending and email reminders | Boomerang for Gmail http://t.co/aKI3SOPV 2012-05-30 13:09:59 The Current Status of BYOD: Not Working as Planned at Cisco, IBM … http://t.co/K5DXKGBZ 2012-05-30 13:05:45 Google Announces New Chromebook and […]

  • Tweets for April 2012

    Tweets for April 2012

    My Twitter tweets and reads for April 2012 follow: Date:Time (UTC) Tweet 2012-04-29 00:04:39 Simply amazing…. Apple’s Growth In Context (AAPL, GOOG, MSFT, FB, AMZN) http://t.co/LdbYj6jp 2012-04-28 18:38:35 @Shahkaal Thanks Sheraz – you inspired me to write a blog post on this topic! http://t.co/vJlkvm7A 2012-04-28 18:37:28 Blog post: Google Drive: Have Cloud Drives Lost Their […]

  • MMS2012 content available

    Could not attend MMS2012 in Vegas this year?   Not to worry! Microsoft has posted all of the PowerPoint and videos for free at http://www.mms-2012.com/digitalmms regardless if you attended or not.  You can register and browse through the sessions… Thank you Microsoft!! For those of you that want to download the content for offline viewing: Videos: […]

  • Couldn’t make MMS 2012 conference?

    Not to worry!   Microsoft has posted all of the PowerPoint and videos at http://www.mms-2012.com/digitalmms    regardless if you attended or not, you can register and browse through the sessions…   Thank you  Microsoft!!    For those of you that want to download the content for offline viewing: Videos:   Stefan Roth has created a PowerShell script that will […]

  • Tweets for March 2012

    Tweets for March 2012

    My tweets / reads for March 2012 follow: Date:Time (UTC) Tweet 2012-03-31 16:48:56 Dell Expands Portfolio of Desktop Virtualization Solutions for Light IT and Complex IT Environmen… http://t.co/Z21q5M9A 2012-03-28 22:45:16 Developing A BYOD Strategy: The 5 Mistakes To Avoid http://t.co/QVZEIgbT 2012-03-28 22:42:30 VMware shows his vision for the Post-PC Era http://t.co/EpJPuDPo 2012-03-28 15:02:08 Explicit & […]

  • Want to Archive your tweets to your blog? Part 2

    Want to Archive your tweets to your blog? Part 2

    End of last year, I decided to use my blog to backup my Twitter account by placing a (mostly) semi-monthly blog entry with the tweets for that time period…   After looking around for a simple tool that would allow me to do this, I end up doing the work semi-manually using cut and paste a […]

  • Tweets for February 2012

    Tweets for February 2012

    My Twitter tweets for February 2012 follow: Date Tweet 2012-02-29 14:29:45 Steven Sinofsky Is The Heir Apparent of Microsoft – http://t.co/7U1mTCH9http://t.co/InBEnbUJ 2012-02-29 13:14:34 Great Data & Analysis on Social Media Growth 2006-2011 by #dstevenwhitehttp://t.co/2bvnNSEU 2012-02-29 12:51:38 What is Tumblr? by Jonno Rodd – Marketing Freelancer http://t.co/qlsGEEaL 2012-02-29 05:02:52 Dell is not only a hardware company. eWeek http://t.co/rGI0hQAW 2012-02-29 04:56:33 […]

  • Tweets for January 2012

    Tweets for January 2012

    My Tweets for January 2012 follow: Date Tweet 2012-01-31 16:11:21 Nine Startup Tips From Michael Dell http://t.co/MdD69T2d 2012-01-30 16:11:46 Hierarchy of Need: Consumerization of IT – what it means for the Architecthttp://t.co/qnpH1RGh 2012-01-30 16:09:10 Manage IT consumerization to benefit the company: 5 policy keys http://t.co/n27xl9rO 2012-01-30 16:06:33 Consumerization in 2012: Cloud and mobile blurs into other people’s […]

  • Tweets for December 2011

    My tweets for December 2011 follow: Date Tweet 2011-12-31 18:08:57 Five tips for your 2012 social media strategy http://t.co/WwkqFCRh 2011-12-31 18:05:03 The Fine Line Between Success and Failure: Creating What You Want Most in 2012 – Forbes http://t.co/ipjStLAK 2011-12-31 17:56:16 Like Hell Facebook Is Killing Google (GOOG) http://t.co/KlvmWhCF 2011-12-30 15:47:03 2011′s Executive Compensation Highlights (and Lowlights) |http://t.co/Xp0Zl57p 2011-12-30 […]

  • Want to Archive your tweets to your blog?

    I did, and I ended up in quite a digital journey… Prelude: If you are a bit like me, you have multiple important (and not so important) digital places in which you keep things at.  Heck! you probably have multiple blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and so on accounts. Background:  One day a while back, after […]

  • Tweets Archives: November 2011

    My tweets for 2011-11 are: 11/03/11 19:58:03 VDI Printing from The Virtualization Practice  Blog http://t.co/ZNMsFE3X 11/04/11 14:16:35 Release: Citrix XenClient 2.1 http://t.co/bs3QuyRK 11/04/11 14:23:13 Printing Architectures for VDI – Part 2 http://t.co/nXcI6iWn 11/04/11 14:23:22 Making an Educated Decision on View 5.0 or XenDesktop 5.5 http://t.co/wRmRMtns 11/04/11 14:27:01 Desktop virtualization smackdown: Parallels vs. VMware vs. VirtualBox […]

  • Tweets Archive: October 2011

    My Tweets for October 2011 were: 10/01/11 17:41:07 Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2 vs. Nook Color   —  Good explanation.   http://t.co/Ktu7a36i 10/01/11 18:13:35 Good food for thought! http://t.co/6Vp457vC 10/01/11 18:36:20 Video: Brian Madden explains the Consumerization of IT in 3 minutes – Brian Madden – BrianMadden.com http://t.co/btLVnDrQ 10/01/11 18:45:01 US SMB SaaS CRM Market Set […]

  • Tweets Archive: September 2011

    My Tweets for 2011-09 follow: 09/04/11 06:05:15 Enterprise License Optimization: Microsoft licensing in VDI environments http://t.co/4zKW0Aq 09/04/11 06:10:59 Amazon Is Only Launching A 7? Tablet? Genius. (Plus A Mockup!) http://t.co/F3oZ6Wl 09/04/11 06:15:05 Netflix loses Starz contract, content to be pulled February 28 http://t.co/okhdpRR 09/05/11 17:01:02 Great graphic!  RT @cloudtweaks: Infographic: The Cloud Computing Stratosphere http://t.co/NJdZzuO […]

  • Tweets Archive: August 2011

    My tweets for August 2011 were: 08/02/11 02:35:05 Chrome still pushing forward, IE8 falls below 30%, IE6 falls below 10% – TechSpot News http://bit.ly/qwr5j4 08/08/11 00:19:20 Forget About Devices! Why IT Execs Should Focus On Content http://onforb.es/p5leap 08/09/11 17:17:27 10-Year Stock Comparasion: Microsoft, Amazon, Google & Apple.   http://bit.ly/ohSL7I 08/09/11 18:10:44 Dropbox has 25 million users […]

  • Tweets Archive to: 2011-07-30

    My tweets for period: 7/16 – 7/30/2011 follow: 07/16/11 01:25:58 Ineresting point of view:  Google+: One Hell Of A Trojan Horse http://tcrn.ch/noNOME 07/16/11 01:29:35 Desktop virtualization offers a solution to the consumerization of IT puzzle | ITworld http://bit.ly/pZF6nu 07/16/11 17:28:25 A Tale Of Two Countries: The Growing Divide Between Silicon Valley And Unemployed America http://tcrn.ch/nPgdaQ […]

  • Tweets Archive for 2011-07-15

    Tweet archives for periord: 7/1 – 7/15 2011 07/01/11 06:35:07 I just connected my @klout account with LinkedIn. Connect and see how your @klout improves! http://t.co/Zaq2vVn 07/01/11 14:26:38 Reap the benefits of desktop virtualization: cut IT costs, secure data & more. Get the white paper. http://bit.ly/jhZVWB 07/02/11 16:32:10 How to patch virtualized Office 2010 sequenced […]

  • The Engagement Pyramid

    Going through my ReaditLater.com pending queue, I found this great Groundwire article  from By Gideon Rosenblatt  which I had marked several months back A couple of quotes: …The most effective social change organizations understand how to wield their portfolio of engagement tactics in Zen-like fashion… …At Groundwire, we use a framework for mapping these different levels […]

  • Tweets Archive: June 2011

    My tweets for the month are: 06/01/11 01:44:56 How Google Takes 54 Cents From Every Dollar Spent On Web Advertising http://read.bi/lI0Pg1 06/01/11 01:48:48 Paper: Windows 7 IOPS for VDI: Deep Dive http://bit.ly/lsTPp2 06/01/11 07:14:19 Asus unveils smartphone-tablet combo, the Padfone – TechSpot News http://bit.ly/mhhmOj 06/02/11 21:10:19 Microsoft’s Windows 8 Demo From D9 (Video) – AllThingsD […]

  • Tweets Archives: 2011-05-30

    Tweets Archives, since the last tweets posting: 05/16/11 16:01:53 Hot Or Not: The Disruptive Tech Outlook for 2011 http://slidesha.re/k5Gbxn 05/16/11 19:36:47 8 Tips for Using Social Blogging to Grow Your Business | Inc.com http://bit.ly/kAgP6I 05/17/11 02:28:45 A Lot Of Cool Things Are Coming To Windows Phones (MSFT) http://read.bi/kyNIL1 05/17/11 02:35:59 Microsoft Apologises For BPOS Outage […]

  • Tweets: 2011-05-15

    Tweets: 2011-05-15

    Tweet archives for last couple of weeks. 05/01/11 06:17:56 Online College Education is evolving exponentially each year. Don’t believe me? Check this Infographic out ; http://lx.im/1c9Ey  – ad 05/01/11 21:31:44 The Future of Advertising Will Be Integrated http://tcrn.ch/iGVoCi 05/01/11 22:09:22 Microsoft Keeps Burning Hundreds Of Millions Online  http://read.bi/kQQqvj 05/01/11 22:21:03 Microsoft Online – $4B startup […]

  • Tweets Archive: 2011-04-30

    Tweets Archive: 2011-04-30

    Tweets  for the last week: 04/24/11 19:02:59 Relaxing Sunday. Catching up on my reading. 04/24/11 19:05:10 Whiteboard art. Talent and patience. 04/24/11 19:15:41 Send links from iPad  http://t.co/B1rtsOK 04/24/11 19:26:46 RT @jack: People around the world spend 3 hours walking for water. Take 3 min to learn why from @charitywater. Video: http://t.co/dYny8yT 04/24/11 19:32:15 Bookmarklets […]

  • Tweets: 2011-04-22

    Tweet archives for the last couple  weeks: 04/11/11 02:27:57 Backing up my tweets with @Backupify http://backupify.com – Twitter backup is free! 04/12/11 03:40:28 75% of Enterprises Have ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Policies. What That Means. (Charts) | ZDNet http://zd.net/dPrm0Z 04/12/11 03:50:57 Amazon has lofty interests – Technology – NewsObserver.com http://bit.ly/gqJTmY 04/12/11 04:19:10 Dropbox: Insecure by […]

  • Tweets 2011-04-10

    Tweets 2011-04-10

    Tweets for the last couple of weeks: 03/27/11 00:09:06 Excellent real story! How to launch a startup for $42.15, and get 250,000 users http://bit.ly/gDWVr5 03/27/11 00:13:12 Export and Analyze Social Media Analytics | Export.ly http://bit.ly/fNty0h 03/28/11 21:09:37 In AT&T & T-Mobile Merger, Everybody Loses: Tech News and Analysis « http://bit.ly/fzLcyB 03/29/11 13:03:15 Amazon service lets […]

  • Tweets Archives: March 2011

    Tweets Archives: March 2011

    March Tweets: 03/01/11 05:08:51 Wikipedia wants 1 billion users, 200,000 editors by 2015 – TechSpot http://bit.ly/fF2HEe 03/01/11 05:15:40 Forrester: IT staff must become ‘teachers’ to the business http://bit.ly/eJlazD 03/01/11 05:19:19 Microsoft Readies Windows Intune for March Launch http://bit.ly/e1eYYS 03/01/11 05:31:45 Softricity’s SoftGrid 10 years after the Wow! (A look back at Softricity by an insider) […]

  • Tweets Archive: Feb 2011

    Tweets Archive: Feb 2011

    The following are the tweets I sent in February: 02/01/11 06:57:19 Google Docs gets a dose of Gmail features – TechSpot News http://bit.ly/eo0Jqd 02/01/11 07:18:28 Can you swap your laptop with an iPad? http://bit.ly/fUHfsT 02/02/11 07:10:30 Mozy Drops Unlimited Storage, Destroys Cloud Dream – PCWorld Business Center http://bit.ly/hiLs9e 02/04/11 05:16:12 How to hack the $250 […]

  • Tweets: 2011-01-30

    Tweets: 2011-01-30

    Tweets sent the last couple of weeks: 01/16/11 07:45:28 Top 10 Clever Uses for the Cloud http://lifehac.kr/fQzKXn 01/16/11 07:47:57 4 Companies Getting Real Results From Cloud Computing — Cloud Computing — InformationWeek http://bit.ly/gGTNg6 01/16/11 16:18:20 Windows on verge of dropping below 90% market share | ITworld http://bit.ly/gronTW 01/16/11 16:32:19 Netflix reveals challenges in the cloud […]

  • Tweets Collection: 2011-01-15

    Tweets Collection: 2011-01-15

    My tweets for the last couple of weeks: 12/29/10 06:49:03 Facebook passes Yahoo, becomes world’s third largest website – TechSpot News http://bit.ly/eth8XZ 12/31/10 18:19:47 E-book sales surpass physical book sales on Barnes & Noble website http://bit.ly/gYUEtu 12/31/10 18:47:40 Myspace still around? It Mulls Significant Layoffs, With Potential Sale Looming http://bit.ly/h3X2xi 01/03/11 17:15:59 The complicated new […]

  • Tweet Archives: 2010-12-31

    Tweet Archives: 2010-12-31

    Archive of last set of tweets sent in 2010.. 12/13/10 17:36:52 How Does Airplane WiFi Work? at WLAN Book.com http://bit.ly/eGvRDD 12/15/10 04:34:08 Monetizing digital content the rocky road ahead — Good Presentation http://slidesha.re/eYOI8q 12/16/10 00:30:49 Microsoft: From 2010 to 2011 – Walking the Cloud Talk –  http://bit.ly/fynQWv 12/18/10 19:09:04 Citrix looks to 2011 to boost […]

  • Tweet report: 2010-12-12

    Tweet report: 2010-12-12

    Archives of tweets sent in the last couple of weeks: 11/29/10 22:46:08 Hacking NetFlix : The Reasons Behind Netflix’s Move to Amazon’s Cloud Services http://bit.ly/g1PXO4 11/30/10 04:08:51 Tablets expected to cut into PC sales in 2011 http://bit.ly/f08oqU 11/30/10 04:18:06 Paper: VDI TCO Analysis for Office Worker Environments http://bit.ly/hK8CpN 12/01/10 05:50:42 Red Hat – an open […]

  • Tweets Report: 2010-11-30

    Tweets Report: 2010-11-30

    Latest tweets from the last couple of weeks: 11/17/10 22:16:45 The 10 biggest tech scandals of the decade http://bit.ly/d7ue59 11/17/10 22:25:54 Four ways cloud computing can make your business better now | VentureBeat http://bit.ly/bwbYyC 11/18/10 15:42:57 Windows 8 to showcase ‘desktop as a service’? | ZDNet  http://zd.net/clkac7 11/19/10 14:12:36 Microsoft TCO study: VDI is 11% […]

  • Latest Tweets: 2010-11-15

    Latest Tweets: 2010-11-15

    Tweets for the last couple of weeks follow: 10/31/10 00:26:08 Test with iPad 10/31/10 00:32:56 RT @MSDownloads: Office 365 Beta Data Sheets: These documents provide an overview of the features of the Office 365… http://goo.gl/fb/fiMN1 10/31/10 01:05:01 cloudcomputing.info | Gartner: Microsoft and VMware the only leading players in cloud computing b… http://bit.ly/ahn5Sr 11/03/10 07:49:34 Did […]

  • Tweet report for 2010-10

    Tweet report for 2010-10

    Tweet Archive for October 2010 10/01/10 03:45:15 Let’s make it official and call it “user virtualization” http://bit.ly/9jOiLR 10/02/10 23:32:47 Application Virtualization Smackdown: Head-to-head analysis of Citrix, Endeavors, InstallFree, … http://bit.ly/aGUjbZ 10/12/10 01:46:24 Citrix announces XenDesktop 5. From Brian Madden  http://bit.ly/bJ5heq 10/12/10 02:19:44 Facebook Introduces Organized Secured Share, Group Chat and Email Lists http://bit.ly/94aoB6 10/19/10 16:19:47 […]

  • Tweets for 2010-09

    Tweet Archive for September 2010 09/04/10 15:25:41 Microsoft hungry to eat VMware’s lunch | Beyond Binary – CNET News http://bit.ly/b5nqXu 09/09/10 04:42:27 ThinPoint Desktop Virtualization Review http://bit.ly/cRDIDV 09/09/10 04:45:06 Release: VMware ThinApp 4.6 http://bit.ly/9unLCe 09/09/10 04:51:37 CIOs split on future destiny of the IT department http://bit.ly/b7ttUq 09/09/10 04:54:22 Report: Mac sales are booming in enterprise, […]

  • LatestsTweets: 2010-08-30

    Latest Tweets: 08/13/10 00:53:17 Using #Flipboard on iPad.  What a fantastic app and  UI. Highly recommended!  www.flipboard.com 08/13/10 01:21:44 Netflix to stream Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM movies on Sep 1 http://www.seattlepi.com/business/1700ap_us_tec_netflix_movie_streaming.html 08/13/10 01:25:29 Microsoft, Google, CompuCom and California  – latimes.com http://bit.ly/coxFhG 08/13/10 03:00:03 iPad Instrument Apps http://bit.ly/aAo9hf 08/13/10 03:28:31 Six Costly Cloud Mistakes – – CFO.com […]

  • Tweets report: 2010-07-30

    Latest tweets: 06/28/10 06:19:19 Thanks #brianmadden for a great article on your #VDI predictions ! http://bit.ly/dqNH8A 06/28/10 06:24:28 Best and fresh comparison on #VDI solutions from the #BRIANMADDEN group at: http://bit.ly/9BYe5U 06/28/10 06:31:28 Have you gone #VDI only?  I am 1/2 way there (still carry a laptop with me) but, I  would like to hear […]

  • Tweet’s Report: 2010-05-30

    tweets of the last couple of months: 04/17/10 22:46:06 Google has the most servers! 1M+ http://digs.by/at3oxq 04/20/10 04:35:57 Microsoft Online Windows InTune: formerly System Center Online Desktop Manager but with more (MDOP included) http://bit.ly/c29RFj less 04/24/10 17:17:45 Microsoft and Facebook launched http://docs.com  where Microsoft Office WebApps (Word, Excel PowerPoint) are  available to Facebook users! 04/30/10 […]

  • Gartner Prediction: No IT assets

    Gartner Prediction: No IT assets In a press release dated 1/13/10 where Gartner lists its key predictions for IT in 2010 and beyond (read here), the first highlight is a prediction that by 2012, 20% of businesses will own no IT assets. By 2012, 20 percent of businesses will own no IT assets. Several interrelated […]

  • Tweet report: 2010-03-30

    Latest set of tweets: 03/15/10 02:34:21 “Automatic WordPress Backup v2”  Great Tool:  http://bit.ly/cYsvnn 03/15/10 15:03:23 “10 things to consider before deploying a cloud”  http://bit.ly/aXsFBf 03/16/10 23:29:21 Collaborative Mind Map in Google Wave”   – this is VERY cool. http://bit.ly/bAyoV8 03/17/10 00:12:10 MIX10 Web Development Conference –  Very good range of what Microsoft is doing…  —   http://bit.ly/dumZUK  […]

  • Tweet report: 2010-03-15

    My latest tweets: 03/01/10 17:08:48 jorper98 is actively looking for  a new  “gig”.    Open to recommendations, ideas or thoughts. 03/06/10 17:54:31 Like – Good list of Firefox Add-ons. http://bit.ly/a4o9WP 03/06/10 18:10:57 “Apple’s iPad to be released April 3” @ http://bit.ly/9oaiGO  Are  you going to wait ? 03/06/10 18:23:51 Mobile phones: “Apple is playing defense, and […]

  • Latests Tweets: 2010-02

    Latest tweets: 01/02/10 04:53:36 Moving my photo collection online. Pains, aches and challenges – http://bit.ly/8Gtqxj 01/07/10 20:17:46 Excited about my Palm Pre (again)!   http://bit.ly/6NG2hm 01/16/10 18:23:20 Good Article on why App-V did not turn-out to be the nirvana of application simplification.   http://bit.ly/4GusBu 02/10/10 02:58:29 Win7 on iPad? – thanks Citrix!  http://chilp.it/260c15 02/19/10 20:13:00 The Aging […]

  • Tweets for 2009-12

    December 2009 tweets: 12/04/09 06:00:25 Starting to come back online after a bad flu week… 12/04/09 13:54:53 10,000 apps available for Android and multiplying!  http://tr.im/GCrY 12/07/09 00:09:49 Will the new price of BPOS hurt Partners? – Good article on Redmond Channel Partner.  Read at:  http://tr.im/GR3d 12/08/09 04:32:03 Coouple of New articles in my blog: Speed […]

  • Tweets: 2009-11

    Tweets: 2009-11

    My tweets for November 2009 10/26/09 20:08:16 Playing with Google Wave – – Very good. 10/27/09 07:00:22 Happy Google Wave user. Getting use to it now. It is so simple – it is hard! – Too many years in with Microsoft products.  http://tr.im/DbIJ 10/28/09 03:27:10 Just got Wave and Google connected via Tweety the Twitbot […]

  • Tweets for Summer 2009

    Wow – It was a busy summer… Very few tweets! 07/01/09 05:04:42 Rackspace Power Outage  – a series of events to learn from. http://viigo.im/05S5 07/01/09 05:07:38 the cost of a worm attack. http://viigo.im/05Sc 07/09/09 04:57:55 Good article if you are considering venture capital: http://tr.im/rvnC 07/14/09 01:28:09 Here comes Office 2010 — still waiting on that […]

  • Tweets of the month: 2009-06

    My Tweets for June 2009: 06/04/09 02:58:52 Alley Insider’s Startup2009 competition: Article One and Expensify shine http://viigo.im/MI9 06/07/09 02:53:56 Some people are just talented! – Take a look at these photos of LEGOS!  http://tinyurl.com/mey6xh 06/07/09 14:48:22 Good article on Cloud Computing evolution as oppose to revolution along with a list of top player. http://chilp.it/?10d3d7 06/07/09 […]

  • Latest Tweets: 2009-05-31

    The latest set of tweets from the last couple of weeks: 05/13/09 02:42:42 Officially SharePoint lost the Office title http://tr.im/lcgn 05/13/09 03:14:58 New Office 2010 Product Team Blog:   http://tr.im/lcnA 05/14/09 23:48:58 Google Contacts  please add notes/memos to your feature sets – You can be sooo much more with a little more effort. http://tr.im/lnWr 05/18/09 15:07:06 […]

  • Latest Tweets: 2009-05-10

    Latest Tweets: 2009-05-10

    Tweets for the last couple of weeks: 04/27/09 18:43:33 At MMS2009: MED-V shuodl be treated as a v1.0 product. 05/05/09 17:03:58 McKinsey Cloud Computing Report: Is it too expensive?   http://tr.im/kylc 05/06/09 01:51:33 Found Twitter app for my Palm-based  Treo device.  MOtwit. 05/06/09 04:18:40 Somehow I missed the news: Apple releases iPhone OS 3.0 beta 4 […]

  • MMS2009 – Few Thoughts and Highlights

    As always, MMS 2009 is not only a technical conference with lots of good content and “what’s new”  on the Microsoft system management tools sets but also a place to catch up with old friends, rekindle some relationships, and make new ones.   The business networking that goes on is – I think – highly underestimated.      […]

  • MMS 2009

    One of our esteemed contributors, Jorge Pereira, has the good fortune of being at #MMS09 this year, and has been energized by what he’s heard. He’s probably gearing up for some posts outlining his thoughts on what’s happening in the center of the Microverse.

  • Tweets Latest:  2009-04-30

    Tweets Latest: 2009-04-30

    Tweets of the last couple of weeks: 04/19/09 03:18:33 Completed setup a set of servers in the  Amazon Elastic Computing platform. Very easy and straight forward.  – http://tr.im/j9l2 04/22/09 16:25:56 MDOP 2009 and MED-V released — Good stuff! Looking forward to MMS2009 next week.  http://tr.im/jqJO 04/23/09 13:56:55 VMware Cost-Per-Application Calculator compares the cost of virtualizing […]

  • Tweets of the week: 2009-04-19

    Latest tweets: 04/15/09 03:54:53 I ran into DabbleDB and I love it.  Excel data analysis, reporting and web data entry — http://tr.im/iQKA 04/15/09 04:11:43 Great article: “Get Rich Slow” in Time Magazine.  Bootstrap Internet businesses is hot again! Uplifting article… http://tr.im/iQNP 04/15/09 14:41:05 Received a Google strategy briefing today for Messaging and Collaboration. Very cool […]

  • Tweets of the week: 2009-04-12

    Latest tweets: 03/30/09 13:48:34 In route to LAX this morning… Busy week ahead. 03/30/09 13:52:08 Airports are packed.  Spring break for sure. Long lines, so make sure you allow some extra time. 04/03/09 06:08:01 Made it back after a very full week in LAX.     Arrived to a cold  41 degrees and rainy city.  Looking forward […]

  • Tweets of the Quarter: 2009-03

    Tweets of the Quarter: 2009-03

    Tweets of the quarter:   01/10/09 03:19:11 Resuming communications. It has been a long time. 03/25/09 05:55:43 I was in NY today. Visited the metropolitan Museum. Wow! What a place.  Heading to 3oronto tonight. 03/25/09 06:01:52 Arrived late to Toronto. Long day.  Lost my new iPod nano. Very upsetting. 03/25/09 19:01:42 Good meetings today.  In […]

  • Tweets of the Month: 2008-10-00

    Tweets of the Month: 2008-10-00

    Tweets of the Month: 10/13/08 17:24:30 worked on Bizplan all weekend! – crossed eyed. 10/13/08 17:27:53 Learned and setup Salesforce.com also over the weekend. 10/14/08 21:35:34 This is a test 10/16/08 02:19:09 Tonight is family night until 9p then back to the spreadsheet. 10/17/08 14:09:14 in bus to sea. 6:50a is when it passes by […]

  • Tweets of the week:2008-06-01

    Tweets of the week:2008-06-01

    Tweets of the week: 05/28/08 04:47:20 In NYC – can’t sleep 05/28/08 04:52:13 just setup  phone. 05/28/08 05:16:07 I am trying tweeter from my phone. 05/28/08 20:39:59 Just finished work at client. Beatifull day in NYC. Decided to take the long way via a double decker tour. 05/29/08 00:32:11 had a t hour bus tour […]